August 2016 News

Fuel Crisis Loom Large As Tanker Drivers Go On Strike

20 August 2016
Kashmir Observer

Srinagar: An indefinite strike has been called by the All Jammu and Kashmir Drivers and Conductors Union in Jammu to stop all oil supply to the Valley from Saturday. No oil will be supplied to Kashmir valley until the government provides them security cover amidst rising tension that has become life threatening for drivers and tanker owners alike. Kharudin Wani, President, All Jammu and Kashmir Drivers and Conductors Union announced the strike today. Amana Sharma, President, All Jammu and Kashmir Petrol Tankers Owners Association said that oil tankers are main target of protesters in Kashmir valley from Brijbehara to Awantipura and about 55 tankers were damaged in this area within two days. He said on Friday night, 14 tankers and 10 trucks were damaged in Awantipura area of Kashmir valley, the tankers' tyres were punctured and drivers were beaten with rods. He said, 'We are not going to supply diesel, petrol and kerosine oil to Kashmir valley from Monday unless the government provides protection.' Surinder Singh, Secretary, All Jammu and Kashmir Drivers and Conductors Union has alleged that some of their drivers and conductors were mercilessly beaten during day time in south Kashmir. Some of them were admired with severe injuries in Srinagar hospital. Amana Sharma added, 'We are not going to be killed or injured in Kashmir valley, oil supply will be stopped from Monday and only Ladhak and Jammu oil supply will continue . It may be recalled that around 1,800 petrol tankers are in Jammu and Kashmir to supply oil to all three regions of the state and daily Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum supply around 300 tankers to Kashmir valley and Ladhak regions only. Main depot of all three companies is in Jammu Railway Station area and all the supply goes from Jammu.