August 2016 News

Resistance Camp Reacts Sharply To Rajnath-Mehbooba Presser

25 August 2016
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Reacting to Home Minister Rajnath Singh's second visit to Kashmir, the resistance leaders termed it a 'futile exercise' to 'mislead the international community by giving an impression that New Delhi is serious about the Kashmir situation.' Commenting on Singh's press briefing, the Hurriyat Conference (G) led by Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday said 'it is the same denial by the Indian State which doesn't accept the fact that people here don't want to live under forcible occupation of India and want to decide their future through right to self-determination-a basic right endorsed by the United Nations and agreed upon by India through many resolutions.' 'Not only future of India, but of entire South Asian region is in danger if people of J&K are subjected to continuous denial of their future (sic) by the Indian State. Already eaten up by abject poverty, communal violence and endless confrontation with the neighboring countries, the continuous oppression and suppression of the freedom movement of people of Jammu and Kashmir is going to tear down the future of the Indian state,' the statement said. 'The youth of J&K are mature enough to decide their future and don't need any lecture from people who are in-charge of killings, blinding, torturing and maiming them for life,' the Hurriyat (G) spokesman said, hailing the determination of young generation. Commenting on pellet gun debate, the Hurriyat said: 'Except for replacing modes of killing of people, Government of India has never been serious about any kind of engagement for resolution of the Kashmir dispute. Even this time, when the whole Kashmir burning, it is evident that rather than coming out of the denial mode about the struggle of people and show some seriousness in resolving the dispute, the Government of India wants to debate on pellet shot guns and their alternatives. The non-serious attitude of the Indian state can also be gauged by Rajnath Singh's announcement of appointment of nodal officer for Kashmir as if they want to implement some central government social welfare scheme.' Reacting to Rajnath's statements on Kashmir, Hurriyat Conference (M) led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said: 'Kashmir is not a law and order or administrative issue; it's about aspirations and wishes of its people. India has to read the writing on the wall and listen to what Kashmiris are saying. He (Rajnath Singh) is just doing a PR exercise. India has to recognize Kashmir as a political dispute and resolve it, either through international agreements (UN resolutions) or through dialogue with Pakistan and people of Jammu and Kashmir,' a spokesman of Hurriyat (M) said. Incarcerated chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Muhammad Yasin Malik, while terming the invitation of Home Minister for talks through Twitter as ridiculous, said: 'Dialogue and talks are the only institutions all civilized humans rely upon for resolution of disputes and issues but the way the Indian leadership is making a mockery it, is highly regrettable and dangerous. Talks are held between two parties on the basis of equality, but here the Indian Home Minister is acting like a visiting monarch and asking his subjects to reach him and put forth their grievances and point of view.' 'Inviting for so-called talks through Twitter and asking everyone who wishes to join is like making a mockery of dialogue process and this trend is too dangerous and speaks volumes about the arrogance of Indian leadership and their colonial mindset towards Kashmir and Kashmiris,' a spokesman of the Front quoted Yasin Malik as having said. 'Jammu and Kashmir issue is a living reality and its early resolution is not only desired by suffering people of Jammu and Kashmir but (is) equally essential for the betterment of people of India and Pakistan and also vital for peace and prosperity of entire South Asia. History is witness to the fact that dialogue between India and Pakistan, dialogue between India and Kashmir and dialogue between Pakistan and Kashmir has failed to deliver from last 70 years. Bilateral dialogue process has been a futile exercise proved beyond any doubt and that is why people of Jammu and Kashmir want a dialogue that is held between all concerned parties to this dispute and it is our belief that only this kind of dialogue can resolve this issue and bring lasting peace and prosperity to whole South Asia.' Stating that the Home Minister's visit to Kashmir was 'meaningless to the pro-resistance people' here, chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syeda Aasiya Andrabi on Thursday said these visits were only 'deceptive tactics to make the international community believe that government of India is concerned about the situation in J&K.' 'We had made it amply clear prior to Singh's 2nd visit to Kashmir Singh that such visits are meaningless to us. These Indian authorities keep on visiting here to express fake concern and hoodwink the international community to believe that they care for loss to lives and properties of people of J&K,' Aasiya said in a statement. 'Today's press conference made it clear that the puppet CM, Mehbooba Mufti, has taken people of Kashmir for granted. Her statements at the press conference expose the fact that she has bought the chair by selling off lives, properties, prestige and land of Kashmiri people to her BJP masters.' 'Mehbooba has decided that she will stick to the chair no matter how many people die or no matter how much property is damaged. She doesn't care about the wishes, dignity, prestige or lives of lakhs of Kashmiris; all she wants is the chair of CM and she can go to any extent to save it,' she said, adding: 'But this shameless woman should understand that people of Kashmir hardly care for their lives and properties when it comes to pursuing of the resistance movement. We are ready to sacrifice everything and anything for our religion and to protect our Muslim identity.' Responding to Singh's statement that India can't see its future without J&K, Aasiya said: 'Instead, people of Kashmir can't even think of their future with India. We have sacrificed lakhs of lives and will sacrifice everything to safeguard our religious identity and our dignity as we know that it is not safe with India.' J&K High Court Bar Association, in its reaction, said: 'We want to make it clear to people of world that Indian Home Minister's second visit to Kashmir has also been a failure, as no one from those who are relevant agreed to meet him and even traders, hoteliers, house-boat owners, industrial unit holders and civil society members categorically stated that unless the Government of India accepts Kashmir as a dispute-and its resolution lies in the implementation of the UN Resolutions and people are given an opportunity to exercise their right of self-determination-there is no fun in meeting the Indian Home Minister or any other delegation.' 'The people who have met the Indian Home Minister in Srinagar are reportedly the same who met him earlier. He held a press conference in Srinagar alongwith Mehbooba Mufti who, at the end of the presser, ridiculed a journalist and while leaving told him to 'go and have tea'; It shows that the press conference was held only to mislead the World Community.' Jama'at-e-Islami (JeI) Jammu and Kashmir said the Singh's two-day visit to Kashmir proved a 'futile' exercise as he failed to address the Kashmir dispute. 'Genuine demand of Kashmiri people is to settle the Kashmir issue as per the real aspirations of people of entire Jammu and Kashmir as it existed before the Indo-Pak Partition. He (Rajnath) also failed to give his comments on state-sponsored atrocities being committed upon the hapless innocent people for the past more than one and a half month during which 70 innocent persons were killed and thousands injured by Indian security forces,' the Jamaat said. 'The on-going public movement has neither been started by any particular group or party nor is it provoked by anyone but people,' the Jama'at spokesman Advocate Zahid Ali, in a statement today, said, asking the government of India to address the main issue of Kashmir and fulfill its promises made to them through UNO. Lambasting Rajnath-Mehbooba joint press conference, the National Front chairman Nayeem Ahmad Khan, in a statement, said: 'On account of unprecedented reign of terror unleashed by the state forces in the form of innocent killings, arrest spree and mass blinding by pellets, Kashmir has been converted into a 'concentration camp' and 80-year-old to 8-year-old are imprisoned.' 'Continued curfew for the past 48 days and crippling shortage of basic items like vegetables and milk is being enforced by the cruel regime. Religious places from Gurdwaras to Masjids are being desecrated with impunity by men in uniform. Let India implement its own promise of holding a plebiscite.' Khan asked New Delhi to shun 'hegemonic and lust of power attitude' and solve Kashmir dispute according to civilized democratic norms. 'Kashmir unsettled and unresolved is a volcano waiting to erupt and India needs to understand that despite killing, disappearing, blinding and maiming it has not been able to break the resolve of Kashmiri nation in its just struggle for freedom from tyrannical occupation,' Khan said, condemning muzzling of voice of employees and detaining their leaders in jails. 'If Mehbooba believes only five percent people are participating in agitation. then why shy away from holding a referendum; and this is simply cruel, misleading and illogical statement,' he said. Commenting on statements of BJP and PDP that only 5% people are involved in current uprising in Kashmir, Hurriyat Conference (M) leader and JKLF (H) chairman Javaid Ahmad Mir said: 'These statements are actually issued to justify the presence of eight lakh forces in Kashmir.' 'The state rulers are trying to remain in good books of their masters in New Delhi. For this they are using lethal weapons against people even if they are staying at their homes. Insha of Pulwama was among such victims of these atrocities,' he said. The BJP has adopted silence vis-à-vis Kashmir uprising only to gain votes in the forthcoming elections in many states of India, Mir said. Reacting to assertions made by Rajnath Singh and Mehbooba Mufti in the joint press conference on Thursday, the incarcerated chairman of Democratic Freedom Party Shabir Ahmad Shah said 'Mehbooba by resorting to rhetoric of her '5 percent and 95 percent' remark is only 'misleading the world opinion'. In a statement, Shah said 'if Mehbooba is sure that 95 percent people are with her then what is the fun of putting the resistance leadership behind bars and placing a blanket ban on their activities.' Commenting on Rajnath Singh's remarks wherein he hailed 'Indian forces for saving lives of Kashmiri people during 2014 floods,' Shah termed it as 'misleading'. 'The show of unity and generosity exhibited by the people of Kashmir during the 2014 floods is hidden from none. Kashmiris helped themselves. The people from rural areas supported those in Srinagar with whatever means possible. Indian forces were nowhere in sight,' he said. Shah reiterated that 'pellets or jobs are not issues for Kashmiris who only demand the right to decide their political future.' 'Nothing less than freedom is acceptable for us,' Shah said. Tehreek-e-Mazahmat incarcerated chairman Bilal Sidiqi lashed out at Mehbooba Mufti for her remarks saying 'she is living in an illusion and in a desperate move hell-bent to mislead international community.'