September 2016 News

Kashmiri Pandits Seek Union Territory

4 September 2016

Jammu: Panun Kashmir, a frontline Kashmiri Pandit organisation, on Sunday demanded a separate Union Territory for the community in the Valley to 'permanently rehabilitate them.' The Panun Kashmir said no other solution was acceptable to the Pandits of Kashmir who were forced to leave their homes during the onset of militancy in Kashmir. 'We want the entire political class of India to recognise the need for carving out a Union Territory of Panun Kashmir north and east of river Jhelum for the rehabilitation of internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir,' Panun Kashmir convener Agnishekhar, said. 'In Kashmir, there is total rejection of coexistence, and genocidal war on Hindus is continuing unabated. Kashmir has become a den of religious fascism and anti-India rebellion and to defeat it dividing Kashmir has become a necessity,' he said. Claiming Kashmir had become 'an ungoverned zone,' the organisation members also advised the all-party delegation 'not to make any compromise with separatists.' 'We ask the government to desist from encouraging 'soft separatists' and recognise the reality that present seditious unrest has been a result of accommodating 'soft-separatism',' Mr. Agnishekhar said.