September 2016 News

Big Jolt To PDP As MP Karra Quits

15 September 2016
Rising Kashmir

Srinagar: In a major jolt to ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), that is grappling with unprecedented unrest in Kashmir, one of its founder members and Member of Parliament Tariq Hamid Karra resigned from both the party and Lok Sabha membership. Karra who had been sulking for quite some time made the dramatic announcement at a news conference here Thursday. 'I am resigning from the basic membership of PDP as a mark of protest against civilian killings in Kashmir, Karra said at a press conference here. He said he would sent his resignation to Speaker in a day or two' he told the reporters. Karra had been elrected to Lok Sabha from Srinagar-Budgam parliamentary constituency in 2014 and had defeated the National Conference president and former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah. Karra's resignation has come as a huge embarrassement for PDP as well BJP at the centre. Karra is among only three of PDP's founding members who were in the party besides Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti and MP Muzaffar Baig. PDP was founded by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in 1999 along with Mehbooba Mufti, Ghulam Hassan Mir, Muzaffar Baig, Tariq Karra and Ghulam Nabi Mir Lasjin. While Mufti passed away in January this year, Mir and Lasjan left the party long ago. Spelling out the reasons for quitting both the parliament and PDP Tariq Hamid Karra said, though PDP during the campaign of 2014 assembly elections sought votes for its candidates to refrain BJP from the corridors of power but party went into an alliance with diametrically opposite RSS driven BJP on the basis of an unsigned loosely knit and sinning clarity 'agenda of alliance,' Tariq Hamid Karra said. 'PDP by forging alliance with BJP virtually became the facilitator for the fascist design of RSS for Hindunization of Muslim majority state' Calming that he had realized the repercussions of continuing unnatural alliance with BJP, Karra said, 'I warned both late Mufti Mohammad Syed and Mehbooba Mufti about the likely dangerous consequences and pressed for the course collection and even the realignment of secular forces, but no one paid any heed to my warnings.' Alleging that there was no consonance between the collation partners, Karra said, 'Whatever was agreed to be done, was not done and whatever was agreed not to be done was done. May it be contesting validity of article 370 or challenging article 35 a of Indian constitution or the issue of state flag or issue of banning beef or burning of two innocent Kashmiri truckers at Udampur or harassing and lynching of Kashmiri students studying in different state or dadry lynching of Akhlaq Khan or Humachal episode of beef or Huryana CMs inflammatory anit Muslim statement or ribbed statements of Sakshi Maharaj, Giriraj Singh and others or racking up of alleged forced Hindu migration from Muslim dominated Kairana in UP or forced feeling of Muslim manager of Maharashtra Sadan in New Delhi during fast against beating of MLA Langate Er Rasheed or open refusal of BJPs minister to accept a Muslim as a district SP or replacement of majority of Muslim officers by non-Muslims in BJP won Muslim majority assembly segments or preparing ground for uniform civil code in India or filing of a PIL in supreme court seeking ban on slaughter of sacrificial animals on Eid Ul Azha.' Stating that visible failures of governance in both the stints of the present state government Karra said, 'Unpopular decisions like written test for ReT teachers, National Food Security bill, Sanik Colonies, Migrant colonies, employment policy, unachievable and unachieved budget and arm twisting of its own MLAs compounded the governor's deficit'. Blaming the central governments non cooperative and hegemonial attitude for the rising anger in Kashmir, Karra said 'Inhumane, criminal delay in release of funds for flood victims, biased approach towards the students selected for higher studies on Prime Ministers scholarship program, refusal on return of power projects, refusal to repeal AFSPA again in Parliament exposed designs of RSS driven BJP in Kashmir.' Slamming Prime Minister Narander Modi for what he called 'Hand twisting attitude and Impearlisitc methods towards Kashmir Issue and Issues that added fuel to fire in Kashmir,' Karra said 'Criminal silence on all socio political and other contentious issues concerning Jammu and Kashmir.' Alleging that Prime Minister lulls into make belief world, Karra said, 'By blaming Pakistan Modi has identified the real cause. He firmly believes that minus Pakistan there will be no Jammu and Kashmir problem.' Saying that Modi is on the job of pushing India towards Hindunization, Karra said 'Modi in fact is undermining Indian nationalism which has liberal space and place for diversely built India.' He asked the PDP leadership to clarify its stand on following questions raised by people vis-à-vis the party agenda. 1. What happened to the philosophy battle of ideas, which has turned into battle against ideas today? 2. What happened to the Party's slogan of 'Grenade se na goli se, baat banaygi boli se'? 3. What happened to the promise of engaging Hurriyat leadership with Government of India? 4. What happened to the assurance of bringing India and Pakistan closer? 5. What happened to the formula of self rule? 6. What happened to the promise of bringing the Power Projects back? 7. What happened to the promise of getting AFSPA repealed? 8. What happened to the promise of dropping Public Safety Act? 9. Why was PDP in past, protesting on streets against civilians killings when it is on the same path today? 10. Why was PDP in the past protesting for not allowing Friday congregations in Jamia Masjid, when the same is being done even today and even beyond that by not allowing congregational prayers on Eid Ul Azha? 11. Why was PDP in the past protesting at its highest pitch against use of pellet guns, when the PDP govt. use the more lethal variant of same pellet for killing, blinding and injuring endless unarmed protestors? 12. Why was PDP in the past protesting for the continued arrest of Hurriyat leaders, which is again an unabated practice today? 13. Why was PDP in past protesting for arresting the stone pelting youth because they have been driven to wall, when today's govt. in chair has suppressed the number of arrests made previously in the same situation? 14. Why was PDP in the past protesting for slamming Public Safety Act on Hurriyat larders and the protesting youth, when the same practice is adhere to by the govt. today? 15. Why was PDP very vociferously advocating the just causes of employees rights, when today's PDP govt. has left no stone unturned to crush employees' rights? 16. Why was PDP shouting hoarse in the past about rampant corruption and blatant nepotism, when today's PDP govt. has broken all previous records of such corruption and nepotism? 17. Why was PDP in the past protesting against government employment policy, when a more exploitative and non people's friendly employment policy was approved by the PDP govt?