November 2016 News

J&K Boards: Relaxed Marking, Helpers For Injured Students

3 November 2016
The Indian Express
Sofi Ahsan

Srinagar: THE Jammu & Kashmir school board on Thursday announced relaxation in papers for students appearing for Class X and XII board exams starting in the Valley on November 14, due to the lesser number of classes held in the current academic session. The students injured during protests in Kashmir who are appearing for the exams will be provided helpers to write the papers. Addressing a press conference here, Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) Chairman Zahoor Ahmad Chatt said, 'We have already issued a notification to those candidates who are injured that they can approach our office and we will provide them a helper subject to a medical report that they are really injured and cannot write their papers. We have the authority to provide them a helper.' As the government faces criticism for sticking to the exam schedule despite the fact that schools have been shut in the Valley for the past four months, Chatt said that while the exams would be held, the papers have been designed as per the average syllabus completed by students across the Valley. 'We have designed the pattern of relaxation. Anyone who has completed 50 per cent of the syllabus will be in a position to attempt 100 marks,' he said. 'We are now asking students to attempt any five out of (every) 10 questions. In language papers, a student will attempt any 50 marks out of 100, which will be proportionately added to make it equal to 100 marks,' he said. Chatt also said the security of students and examination staff was the government's responsibility. 'We have requested the state apparatus and they have assured us that they will take every step to ensure the safety and security of students and the staff.' Explaining why they were not changing the exam schedule, he added, 'The current month is feasible for the examinations. The students will get around six months to study and prepare for the competitive examinations, which normally take place in the months of May and June.' Chatt said they would shift the exam centres from schools which have been occupied by armed forces. 'There are three schools which have been occupied by troops. We have received communication from one school and we have relocated the centre. In case we receive such a request from the other two schools, we will relocate them too,' he said.