December 2016 News

Kashmir Unrest: Omar Abdullah Lets Pakistan Off, Says 'historic Blunders' By India To Blame

3 December 2016

New Delhi: Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah said the unrest in Kashmir cannot be blamed on Pakistan, but was a result of 'mistakes' made by the Indian government of not engaging with the people of the state. 'Do not be under this false impression that the fire you see in Kashmir has been ignited by Pakistan. It is a result of our mistakes,' Omar said, addressing a function of his National Conference in Baramulla. 'To blame Pakistan alone for the political situation or the current unrest in the Valley is a distortion of the truth. The people of J&K have espoused a political sentiment, even when there was no external interference and this political sentiment forms the basis of the state's special status that has since been eroded by extra-constitutional machinations,' Omar said. He said the political issue in Kashmir is a result of 'historic blunders and broken promises by successive dispensations' in New Delhi. 'The situation today stands compounded because of the present central government's refusal to even acknowledge that a problem exists in Kashmir,' Omar said. The National Conference's working president alleged the ruling PDP's charade of seeking confidence building measures and political initiatives could not conceal the party's brazen abandonment of its own ideology and vision document in a bargain to attain power. There is a stark difference between the Mehbooba Mufti of the opposition and the Mehbooba Mufti of the ruling PDP-BJP government. It has now become evident that the Mehbooba of opposition was just an elaborate facade to pave way for Mehbooba Mufti's ascent to the Chief Minister's chair. 'Her theatrical performances as an opposition leader might have served her well but when people compare her present avatar to her previous posturing she stands exposed. Every single promise made by the PDP to seek votes in the previous elections has been broken with utter contempt shown towards the people of the state,' he added. Omar alleged that the PDP-BJP alliance has 'wreaked havoc' with the state. 'The government has ceased to exist on the ground and its mere presence is exhibited solely through indiscriminate arrests and imposition of Public Safety Acts against the youth. The loss of nearly a hundred innocent young lives in the current unrest and the unimaginable and indiscriminate repression of our youth has been the most noticeable hallmark of the PDP-BJP alliance and Mehbooba Mufti s refusal to acknowledge her failure has only compounded the misery of the people,' he said.