December 2016 News

NC Behind Unrest In Kashmir: Mehbooba

6 December 2016
Rising Kashmir

Srinagar: A day after National Conference president Farooq Abdullah extended support to Hurriyat and asked separatists to continue the 'movement', Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti Tuesday said his statement proves that NC was behind the ongoing unrest in Kashmir and alleged that the opposition party was involved in criminal activities including pelting of stones, burning of schools and attacking camps in last five months. 'The statement of Farooq Abdullah proves that that his party (NC) was behind the ongoing unrest in the Valley. The NC can go to any extent to grab power,' Mehbooba told reporters on sidelines of a function, here. 'Farooq's statement telling his party workers to lend full support to Hurriyat makes clear one thing which we did not mention till now that NC can go to any extent for power,' she said. The CM said NC can play with the lives of anyone including children and women, for power. 'In the last four-five months, the criminal element which entered into the situation here, who pelted stones on vehicles, burnt schools and attacked camps. Farooq's statement makes it clear that NC was involved in such activities in these months,' she alleged. Mehbooba said NC leader has asked its party workers to not let the situation improve. 'Now when the situation is improving, children are going to school and tourism is also picking up, Farooq has once again asked his workers, giving them an order, to create that situation once again in which the atmosphere in J&K will remain charged,' she said adding the NC president has hinted his workers to not to let the situation improve. She said it was unfortunate when the leader of the oldest political party of the State should console people and ask for restraint, he was just provoking his cadre to aid and abet violence. While addressing NC workers at a function to commemorate the 111th birth anniversary of his father and party founder Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah at Hazratbal yesterday, Farooq had lend his support to the Hurriyat saying that in pursuit of the ongoing movement NC was with them and not against them. He had also asked his party workers not to be away from 'this movement' because 'we are a part of this struggle. We have fought regularly for the interests of this Valley.' Taking a dig at NC president, Mehbooba said Farooq is not concerned about the struggle because since 1947 till now, NC has only struggled for power. 'Even today I feel that, by the statement yesterday, he has hinted at his workers to not let the situation improve because they want power at any cost'. She alleged that NC wants to keep the atmosphere charged in the Valley as it can go to any extent for power. 'Farooq's son Omar Abdullah had been a Union Minister in BJP-led government and had said that Pakistan should be labeled as a terror state. Farooq also regularly used to say that Pakistan should be bombed and Hurriyat leaders be thrown into river Jhelum. Today he is talking about something else,' the CM said. She said it again makes it clear that NC will play with the lives of anyone, including children and women, for power. 'People of Kashmir having suffered a lot understand such political gimmickry and won't fall prey to such things,' added Mehbooba.