December 2016 News

Forum: Peace Must For Tourism In State

8 December 2016
The Tribune (Chandigarh)

Srinagar: The Kashmir Economic Forum (KEF) today said that peace was a prerequisite for the promotion of the tourism industry in the state, especially the Kashmir valley. It said the state should press the Centre to hold talks with the stakeholders on a regular basis. 'Only when the situation is normal will the tourists visit Kashmir. The other business sectors will also grow. It is then important that the dialogue process with the stakeholders is started on a regular basis so that the current unrest doesn't recur,' said KEF chairman Showkat Chowdhary in a statement. Even as the KEF said the recent Hurriyat statement inviting tourists was a welcome step, Chowdhary said only a sustained dialogue process for the resolution of the Kashmir issue would help businesses grow, besides attracting tourists. He said though other sectors, including transport, were reviving, the tourism industry was on the back foot. 'The tourism industry will have to wait for the next peaceful summer to start doing business. The tourism industry is the first to receive a hit due to the disturbance and is the last to revive,' he added.