March 2017 News

India Is Our Nation, We Have To Save It: Farooq

20 March 2017
Kashmir Reader
Moazum Mohammad

Srinagar: National Conference president and three-time chief minister Farooq Abdullah on Monday said that India does not belong to one particular faith and appealed to the people of Kashmir to save India 'from burning' at the hands of right-wing forces. 'We have to save this nation from burning. It is our nation. It does not belong to any religion but belongs to all,' Farooq said while addressing workers at the party's Nawah Subah complex. Farooq asked the people to save not only Kashmir but also India and Pakistan. 'Our Kashmir won't be saved unless India and Pakistan are friends,' he said. He said the parliamentary by-polls would be a tough contest, for which the NC and Congress have to stay united to defeat the 'enemy'. By winning the by-polls, Farooq said, the NC and the Congress would 'awaken the conscience of people inside Parliament.' 'We will tell them that you may fall into the grave you are digging for us. We want to get rid of violence; we have seen enough of bloodshed,' he said. Mocking Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti's invitation to tourists and Bollywood filmmakers, he said that the state's chief minister has to 'beg' to people to 'come to our home.' In a change, Karra calls himself mujahid: Former PDP leader Tariq Hamid Karra on Monday declared himself as a 'Mujahid' for his act of standing up to 'anti-Muslim' and 'fascist' parties and stopping them from making inroads into Kashmir. Addressing a gathering at the National Conference headquarters in Srinagar, Karra said it was obligatory for Muslims to do Jihad when their religion is under threat. 'Stopping fascist forces from making inroads into Jammu and Kashmir is Jihad for me. I am a Mujahid as I want to defeat the anti-Muslim parties. Those who have united to support the NC-Congress candidates are doing Jihad,' he said. The former Member of Parliament resigned from the PDP in September last year, leaving the Srinagar parliamentary seat vacant. He had defeated NC president Farooq Abdullah in the 2014 parliamentary polls, but is now rallying support for him to keep his former party at bay. 'We have to defeat the PDP, which joined hands with the BJP-RSS for forming the government. The PDP wanted to keep the BJP at bay from the state but after the 2014 assembly elections, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed backtracked and joined hands with the BJP,' he told the gathering. Karra said he had advised the late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed against forming an alliance with the BJP. 'But Mufti forged the unnatural alliance, leaving the state burning and preferring power to the cause of the nation,' Karra said.