March 2017 News

Video Of Traffic Police Official Caught Taking Bribe Goes Viral

23 March 2017
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: A video has gone viral on social media purportedly showing a Jammu and Kashmir Traffic Police official taking bribe from a truck driver. The minute-long video, shot with a mobile phone, has garnered more than 80,000 views in about seven hours after it was loaded on a social networking site. In the video, the police official purportedly hints the driver to pay a bribe to avoid getting fined for wearing a 'Pheran' (traditional Kashmiri cloak worn during winter) while driving. The video shows the driver questioning the officer for detaining his vehicle and claims to have all the documents in order. 'I will photograph you and send it to the judge alongwith the challan. I will tell him (Judge) that he (driver) is driving an LP (long platform) truck wearing a pheran,' the officer is heard telling the driver before striking an amiable chord with the driver. 'We are friends with you (drivers). Why should we fine you?' the officer says as the driver pulls out a currency note and hands it to him. The traffic police official then lets the driver go without imposing any fine. State Transport Minister Sunil Kumar Sharma and Inspector General of Police (Traffic) Jagjit Kumar did not respond to calls and messages when he was contacted.