March 2017 News

Burhan Wani's Successor Zakir Musa Provokes Attacks Against J&K Police, Calls Stone-pelters Soldiers Of Islam

31 March 2017
Zee News

Srinagar: A new video has emerged showing Hizbul commander Zakir Musa in Kashmir provoking attacks against Jammu and Kashmir policemen while they are engaged in counter-terror operations and asked youths to pelt stones in the name of Islam. Musa was appointed as the successor of former Hizbul commander Burhan Wani, who was shot dead by the security forces in Kashmir last year. The video released by Hizbul out, Musa is seen spewing venom against the Jammu and Kashmir police calling them anti-Islam and enemies of Kashmiri people. He can be heard saying, 'Will kill such men the next time', referring to locals who aid security forces in nabbing terrorists. 'Attack Jammu and Kashmir Police while they are engaged in counter-terror attacks. The J&K government knows it well that Valley muslims are on our side. The government is using the state police as shields,' Musa said in the video. Musa is believed to have inherited the Kashmir mantle of Hizbul Mujahideen after Burhan Wani's killing. He says, 'such police informers are betraying fellow Muslims and should be punished suitably.' Musa goes on to say in the video that 'anyone who sides with J&K police or the Indian army is automatically by being associated with them becomes anti-Islam.' Musa has also praised stone-pelters and calls them soldiers of Islam. He says, 'Stone-pelters are doing a noble task by protecting the mujahids. Stone-pelters are soldiers for Islam.' He also called on the people to warn him on social media of any movement they are aware of the Indian Army. Following is a list of raids on cops' homes in recent times: March 28: Terrorists barged into the house of SP rank officer in Kugam March 27: Terrorists raid ASI's house in Shopian, threatens his family March 25: Jail Superintendent's home raided in Baramulla, son abducted March 10: At least ten militants vandalised senior officer's home in Shopian Dec 1, 2016: Zakir Musa warned local policemen of dire consequences The video is said to have been shot at a secret location and has been shared on a terror Whatsapp group in the Valley. The video has spread like a wildfire.