April 2017 News

Will Launch 'identify & Kill Movement' If Rohingya Muslims Not Deported From Jammu: CCI To Govt

7 April 2017
Rising Kashmir
Syed Amjad Shah

Jammu: Giving an ultimatum of ten days, Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Jammu Friday threatened the State government that they will launch 'identify and kill movement' against Rohiyanga Muslim refugees and Bangladeshi nationals residing in Jammu. 'We have given a time of ten days to government. They (Rohiyanga Muslim) should be thrown out of Jammu and Kashmir. We don't want these criminal people who are disowned by their own country,' said second time president of CCI, Rakesh Gupta. Gupta told Rising Kashmir that State government should book those people who have settled these 'illegal immigrants' on this land under Public Safety Act. 'If these people are not deported and action against the local sympathizers is not taken, Gupta said: 'We will launch agitation and identify and kill movement.' He told Rising Kashmir that they will have no option but to attack these 'illegal' foreign immigrants. The CCI president said Bangladeshi and Rohingyas are criminals and drug traffickers and they are disowned by their own country. 'The Chamber surely is aware that the district administration has initiated process to identify such settlers and the Union government has asked details about these settlers from the state, but the Chamber feels it is not enough and these foreigners should be deported from the State of J&K,' he added. Meanwhile, various organizations including Jammu's civil society has decided to hold a protest demonstration and then, submit a memorandum to Governor tomorrow against the settlement of 'illegal foreign nationals' in Jammu. Meanwhile, a large number of youth held a protest demonstration outside the Talab Khitikan Jama Masjid here after Friday prayers and demanded that Government should not allow situation to go out of hands. The protesters were led by the Jammu Action Committee (JAC) President Sheikh Sartaj and youth leader Mohammed Hillal Beig who assembled outside the Jama Masjid after the Friday prayers and held a protest demonstration against the 'saffron groups' threatening to Rohingya Muslims. 'These people are innocent. The issue should be tackled on humanitarian grounds and not with communal angle. Whenever, the situation improved in Myanmar, they will return back to their country,' said Sartaj, while speaking to the protesters. He said that government should not allow any organization or individual to communalize the situation in Jammu for their vested interests. 'If Rohingya Muslims have to go, those non-state subjects and foreigners who have been settled illegally in Jammu in lakhs should also deported from the State,' said Sheikh Sartaj. He further said: 'We will launch a peaceful agitation in case these Rohingyas are harassed. In Kana Chak, police have harassed some Rohingya families and they were forced to evict from Kana Chak.' They also demanded action against the concerned police officer for alleged harassment to the Rohingya families. In Jammu, Tibetan and Nepali nationals are living without anybody raising a finger, he alleged, while adding there lakhs of Punjabi, Bangali, Bihari and people from other states settled in Jammu. Sartaj also condemned 'RSS goons' for killing a Muslim man in Rajasthan. Speaking on the occasion, youth leader Hillal Beig said, Jammu has been turned into Nagpur where saffron groups have spread hatred among different communities. 'No one speaks against the injustice done with the Rohingyas. They are not here permanently,' he said.