April 2017 News

No Differences With PDP In Jammu And Kashmir: BJP

23 April 2017

Jammu: There were no differences in the PDP-BJP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP said, adding the state government was 'working well' under Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti. 'As far as the coalition is concerned, there are no differences among partners. The PDP-BJP government is working well. Everyone is performing his or her task. 'The chief minister is engaged in daily work... so are ministers and the deputy chief minister. There is no tension,' state BJP unit chief Sat Sharma told reporters in Jammu. His remarks came ahead of Ms Mufti's meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi today amid the deteriorating security situation in the state . The J&K BJP chief also regretted that PDP's candidate lost in the legislative council polls. Relation between the two coalition partners have strained over the handling of protestors by the army and following the legislative council polls in the state. The PDP had earlier accused the BJP of betraying it in the council elections, in which an associate member of the PDP voted in favour of the BJP candidate on assurance of a post. BJP MLA Ravinder Raina hoped the meeting between Modi and Mehbooba will bring positive results for ensuring better law and order situation in Kashmir, restoring peace and speeding up the development works in the state.