April 2017 News

13000 Civilians, 22000 Militants Killed In Kashmir Since 1989: MHA

29 April 2017
Greater Kashmir
DA Rashid

Srinagar: The Union Home Ministry has said that only thirteen thousand civilians have been killed in Jammu and Kashmir during last 29 years - the figures which are in total contrast to the claims of human rights groups which put the civilian deaths manifold higher. In response to an RTI application, the Union Home Ministry has divulged that since the start of militancy in 1990 in the state 13491 civilians and 5055 security force personnel were killed in various incidents apart from 21,965 militants. The data, which puts the total number of killed persons at 40961, puts statistics of injured force personnel at 13000. The RTI application was filed by Raman Sharma through online means on February 22 this year and he had sought information related to loss of lives and damage caused to properties belonging to civilians in militancy related incidents in J&K. The data provided by the Ministry revealed that 2001 was the most violent year during which 3552 people lost their lives including 996 civilians, 536 security personnel and 2020 militants, besides injuries to 1587 security force personnel. However maximum number of civilians were killed in 1996 which claimed 1341 lives followed by 1995 when 1031 civilians were killed. After 2006, there had been a steep decline in the militancy related causalities till 2012 which has been the most peaceful year in the last 3 decades. In 2012 there were only 102 casualties including 15 civilians, 15 security personnel and 72 militants and only 65 security men were injured during the year. From 2013 onward however there has been vertical rise in the killings in militancy related attacks and last year's killings in militant attacks is more than double compared to 2012. During 2016 a total of 247 people lost their lives including 15 civilians, 82 security men and 150 militants. Till 31st March this year, 52 lives have been lost comprising five civilians, 12 armed force personnel and 35 militants. In 1990, the data reveals that 461 civilians, 550 militants and 155 security personnel were killed while 382 civilians, 844 militants and 173 security forces' personnel and 634 civilians, 819 militants, 189 security force personnel were killed in 1991 and 1992. In 1993, the Home Ministry data reveals that 747 civilians, 1310 militants, and 198 security personnel were killed while in 1994 at least 820 civilians, 1596 militants and 200 security personnel were killed. In 1995, the figures reveal that 1031 civilians, 1332 militants, 237 security force personnel were killed while 1341 civilians, 1209 militants, 184 security personnel were killed in 1996. In 1997, 971 civilians, 1075 militants, 193 security force personnel were killed while in 1998, those killed included 889 civilians, 999 militants, 236 force personnel. In 1999, 873 civilians lost their lives and 1082 militants and 355 security personnel were also killed during the period. While 847 civilians, 1520 militants and 397 force personnel were killed in 2000, the next year 996 civilians, 2020 militants and 536 security personnel were killed in militancy related activities. In 2002, at least 1008 civilians, 1707 militants and 453 force personnel were killed those killed in 2003 included 795 civilians, 1094 militants and 314 force personnel. While in 2004, 707 civilians, 976 militants, 281 force personnel were killed the numbers were 707, 976, 281 respectively the next year compared to 557 civilians, 917 militants and 189 security forces personnel in 2006. For 2006 the number of killed persons included 389 civilians, 591 militants and 151 forces' personnel while in 2007, 158, 472 and 110 persons were killed respectively. In 2008 the number of killed persons included 91 civilians, 339 militants and 75 forces' men while in 2009 the killed persons include 71, 239 and 79 respectively. In 2010, at least 47 civilians, 232 militants and 69 security forces' men were killed compared to 31, 100 and 33 respectively the next year. The number of killed persons in 2012 included 15 civilians, 72 militants and 15 security forces' men while the number for 2013 is 15, 67 and 53 persons respectively. While 28 civilians, 110 militants and 47 forces personnel were killed in 2014, the number of killed persons was 17 civilians, 108 militants and 39 forces' men in 2015 respectively and in 2016 the number was 15, 150 and 82. This year, so far, five civilians, 35 militants and 12 security personnel have got killed in militancy related incidents. Human Right groups like J&K Coalition of Civil Society have been always contradicted the government figures about the civilian killings in Kashmir. 'In Kashmir more than 10000 civilians have been subjected to enforced disappearance since 90s. The number of civilians killed is far higher,' said human rights lawyer Parvez Imroz.