May 2017 News

Is Pak High Commissioner Abdul Basit Paying Separatists To Create Unrest In Kashmir?

6 May 2017
Times Now

New Delhi: Times Now Documents accessed by Times Now proves Pakistan ISI's link to the stone pelting agitation in Kashmir, exposing separatists who say they are 'fighting for freedom'. The expose proves that these separatists are neither fighting for Azadi, nor for the love of Kashmir, but only for money. The so called 'Azadi fighters' are not selling peace but are instead instigating violence on the streets of Jammu and Kashmir. The documents prove that in just one month Rs 70 lakh was released by the ISI headquarters, through their conduit Mehaboob Sagar, to Shabir Ahmed Shah and from Shabir Ahmed Shah it was distributed to people who have been stoking unrest by pelting stones on the streets, clearly exposing the nexus between ISI and the Hurriyat. So who is this Mehaboob Sagar? Times Now has learnt from intelligence sources that Mehaboob Sagar is an agent who brings in the money from Rawalpindi to the separatist leaders. But what is shocking is that this Mehboob Sagar has been linked to Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit. Sources say that last year the Pakistan high commission had invited Kashmiri journalists to a meeting where they were asked to file reports project Indian security forces in bad light so they can generate hatred towards India and create a mass movement.