May 2017 News

Army Ready To Counter Ceasefire Violations: Jaitley

19 May 2017
The Economic Times

Srinagar: The Army is prepared to stop infiltration and give adequate response to ceasefire violations, defence minister Arun Jaitley has said. On a visit to the line of control in north Kashmir, Jaitley said issues related to violence and law and order in the state was challenging and would be dealt through security as well as citizen-friendly measures. Jaitley said that militancy and terrorism would be dealt with harshly. 'Our soldiers are very confident that they would not allow any infiltration. If there is any effort at any form of ceasefire violation, our soldiers will give adequate response to it,' said Jaitley adding that terrorism and militancy were aimed against the sovereignty of Indian state and the people of the state. 'And therefore those, who have taken on to violence of this magnitude will be treated as serious insurgents and held accountable for their actions,' he said. On the possibility of the state's inclusion in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, the minister said, 'I can tell you economic development of the state is certainly our priority. However, let nobody be envious of what happens across the border. There are examples in history where people enter in the name of connectivity and establish strategic prisons.' The defence minister asserted that the sentiments of the people would have to be addressed, but could be only done in a peaceful situation. 'Every state of the country and those sentiments will have to be addressed. The aspirations will have to be addressed, when the state is in a peaceful format. You can't have the energy of the state involved in just combating violence at various places. The resources meant for the economic development of the people are today being used essentially for security,' Jaitley said. To a question on a civilian being used as a human shield in Budgam, the minister said that investigations in the case were on. 'Let us not forget that the Army is a responsible institution and Army is also interested in saving the lives of various people involved in the election process and also the large crowd of protestors gathered there,' he said.