June 2017 News

J&K's Youth 'being Instigated By A Misinformation Campaign On Social Media,' Says Army Chief

10 June 2017
Times of India

New Delhi: Jammu and Kashmir's youth 'are being instigated by a misinformation campaign on social media' said Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Saturday, news agencies reported. 'Security forces have to devise ways to counter this', he said while addressing cadets at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun, on the occasion of the 'passing out parade', reported PTI. 'If we have modern technology it should be used properly, that way the public won't face so many hardships and we can become more capable too,' the Army chief said, according to ANI. General Rawat also said terrorism is the biggest challenge the country is facing. He urged the cadets to be ready to deal with 'the scourge'. The Army chief's comments come two days after he said social media is being used by Pakistan to create unrest in Kashmir. 'Pakistan is spreading disinformation among the youth of Kashmir with doctored videos and messages. This is further supported by some of the people in the valley who spread it and glamorize the young boys who have joined terrorist organisations,' Rawat said on Thursday, according to PTI Women in combat In his address Saturday, General Rawat also talked about the induction of women in combat roles in the Army. He said it's important to have women in combat roles in the Army even in rank and file positions, reported ANI. 'Because many times during Army operations we have to deal with the public face to face, and many times women are right there in front of us,' said Rawat to reporters in Dehradun, after attending a 'passing out parade' at the Indian Military Academy. General Rawat was speaking in the context of the induction of women in combat roles in the Army, something the institution was ready for, he told PTI earlier this week. Today, he reiterated that women will first be put in these roles as military police. 'Firstly, we will start with women as military police jawans, will take next step after success there,' he said. Military police supervise army cantonments and establishments, prevent the breach of rules and regulations by soldiers, maintain the movement of soldiers and monitor logistics during war and peace, handle prisoners of war and extend aid to civil police when required. Not a whole lot of countries have allowed women in combat roles in the Army. Among those who have are Australia, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Norway, Sweden and the United States. Last year, the Indian Air Force inducted three women+ as fighter pilots, less than a year after the government decided to open these roles for women on an experimental basis. The Indian Navy is deliberating on whether to have women officers on board ships+ . The Navy allows women in legal, logistics, naval architecture and engineering departments.