June 2017 News

Using Human Shield To Deal With Situations Not Standard Procedure: Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat

17 June 2017
Mail Today

New Delhi: Misinformation and disinformation campaigns in Jammu and Kashmir are compelling the youth to pick up arms against the security forces, Army chief General Bipin Rawat said on Saturday. The Army chief also clarified that the incident of using a human shield to protect troops and civilians cannot be taken as a standard operating procedure to deal with situations emerging on ground. 'There is some misinformation and disinformation being spread among the people of Jammu and Kashmir which is causing this trouble and possibly, I would say, compelling some of the younger generation to pick up arms. But I am quite confident that they will soon understand that any (such) thing that they are doing is not good for their own state and for the people,' he said. Gen Rawat was in Hyderabad to attend the passing out parade of the cadets of Air Force Academy. The Army Chief strongly defended his force against the charges of handling the situation related to the Major Leetul Gogoi incident, saying that the force 'has a very good human rights record. We are concerned about human rights and make sure rights of people are not violated.' Commenting on Gogoi, who had tied a stone-pelter to a jeep as a shield against stone pelters, the chief said 'everything and every action that we take is considering the nature of task that we are expected to carry out under the circumstances.' When asked how Army viewed 'political' comments against it, he said, Armed forces do their work and task. We do not care about other things. Asked if the situation was deteriorating in the Valley with each passing day, Rawat said, 'Well, not really. We are there to make sure the situation is brought under control. Therefore, I think at the present juncture we have to continue with the task in the manner in which we are carrying on. The Army chief admitted that some parts of south Kashmir are indeed troublesome, but necessary actions are being taken to ensure that the situation is brought under control. 'Therefore, I think there should not be any cause for worry for anyone,' he said. Gen Rawat said the defence forces in India have an impeccable track record. Today we command respect in all walks of life and that is because we have always successfully served the nation against external threats, internal disorders, during natural calamities and in rescue missions.