July 2017 News

'Separatists Provoking J&K Youths To Carry Out Pakistan Agenda', Ajmer Head

1 July 2017

Jaipur: Strict action is required against Kashmiri separatists for provoking youths to indulge in stone pelting and carrying out Pakistan-sponsored agenda, Ajmer dargah religious head Zainul Abedin Ali Khan said today. Speaking at the dargah of Usman Harwani, the mentor of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chisti, he lamented how the separatists were forcing the youths to pelt stones at the security forces, adding it was a 'matter of grave concern' and should be stopped. Khan said the separatist leaders send their sons abroad for education, but have damaged the educational infrastructure in the Valley to keep the generation of Kashmir away from education. They are misleading such youths and provoking them to create unrest in Kashmir, he said. 'Some political parties are involved in politicising Kashmir issue which is not only unfortunate, but shameful too,' the Ajmer Dargah deewan said. He added that many people in Kashmir support Sufism, but have no institutional support, thus are unable to oppose the fanaticism there.