July 2017 News

Present Situation In Kashmir Is Worse Than 1947

18 July 2017
India Today
Siraj Qureshi

Agra: The aggravating situation in Jammu and Kashmir has caught the whole world's eyes now. And the fact that leaders in Pakistan are not sparing any chance to raise the Kashmir issue on the international forums while declining to have any discussions with India unless the Kashmir issue is resolved is not helping either. Even though the Indian Army has gunned down several prominent terrorists in the past couple of years, the situation shows no signs of improvement. Jammu & Kashmir Panthers Party Chairman Prof. Bhim Singh calls the current situation as 'worse than 1947'. Talking to India Today he said, 'Foreign terrorists are entering India through Nepal and spreading terror in the country as well as in Jammu and Kashmir, but governments at both Centre and state are sitting mum on this issue. Human rights have been completely abrogated from J&K.' Bhim Singh said that India is governed under one constitution and one flag and the same should be in J&K, but that state has its own constitution and flag. He said that he can firmly vouch for the Kashmiri people that they are not terrorists, but the terrorists are indeed coming to Kashmir through Nepal. Prof. Bhim Singh said that in the past 6 months, the condition of J&K has deteriorated to such a level that has not been witnessed ever in this state. The situation needs to be brought under control soon, but instead the Modi and Mufti governments have closed their eyes from the condition of the state. Prof. Bhim Singh had arrived in Mathura to attend a religious program where he was welcomed by the members of Hindustani Biradari. Society secretary Ziauddin said that Kashmir is the pride of India and nobody can dare stake claim on this pride. If terrorists do not lay down their weapons in Kashmir, not only they, but those who provide them shelter will have to face the consequences. Ziauddin said that the country's political parties should come on one platform on the issue of Kashmir as it is a matter of national security which is way above party politics. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised this terrorism issue on the international platform and has asked for the world community to unite and eliminate terror from the world.