July 2017 News

Geelani-led Hurriyat Warns Of Syria-like Situation In Kashmir

23 July 2017

Srinagar: A day after Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti rejected third party intervention, Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Shah Geelani warned that 'if the mediation of UN body or any third country is not solicited or accepted, the situation in Kashmir may become like Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan.' The Hurriyat spokesman noted that both India and Pakistan have failed to solve the Kashmir problem bilaterally. 'Nor any tangible progress has been observed through agreements viz Shimla and Lahore Declaration. Besides India, Pakistan, and people of J&K, the UN constitutes as the fourth party to the disputed issue of Jammu and Kashmir,' he said. The spokesman said despite 150 rounds of negotiations between India and Pakistan, there is no letup in bloodshed in Jammu and Kashmir. 'The present state of chaos and continuous bloodshed is the outcome of noncompliance of these agreements. There is nothing bad, nor does anyone need to feel displeased or annoyed if any of the influential and powerful countries offer their services to resolve this long-pending dispute,' he said. The Hurriyat spokesman maintained that the international community has always lauded and appreciated the intervention of third parties in the resolution of all conflicts. 'Kashmir issue was raised in UNO by India, and hence admitted the importance of the status of a mediator. Delay in its resolution will give rise to more complex situations,' he said. The remarks come a day after Mehbooba Mufti rejected third party intervention from China or the US, and batted for bilateral talks between India and Pakistan under Lahore Declaration and Shimla Agreement to solve the Kashmir issue. 'We have a roadmap. Even after a war, we (India and Pakistan) have to talk to each other. We have Vajpayee Ji's Lahore Declaration. We have Shimla Agreement. We have to sit together and talk to each other. What will America, Englistan, and Turkistan do? They have made a mess of the issues confronting the world,' Mufti said.