August 2017 News

Viral Photo Of Lashkar Militant Carrying Rocket Launcher Jolts Army

25 August 2017
India Today
Ashraf Wani

Srinagar: The picture above, reportedly of a Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) militant roaming in freely in Kashmir, with a rocket launcher on his shoulder has stirred the security agencies. The viral picture has sent shockwaves among the security establishments in the Valley, as the militant identified as Shakoor Ahmad can be seen carrying two RPG (Rocket Projectile Gun) on his shoulders. Shakoor, a Lashkar militant has been active in the Valley since 2015. The picture has further fuelled suspicion that militants in Kashmir indeed have destructive weapons at their disposal- ringing alarm bells amidst brass corridors. A RPG is a projectile gun that is used to fire heavy rockets for maximum annihilation- with a fire power of over a km. Security agencies are believed to have taken the issue up and serious and are gathering information on militant group's arsenal.