September 2017 News

Police Foils KEA Protest Against Killing Of Rohingya Muslims

6 September 2017
Kashmir Times
Majid Nabi

Srinagar: Police on Wednesday foiled Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) protest against 'brutal' killing of Rohingya Muslims in Northern Rakhine state of Myanmar by Buddhists radicals. Several KEA members including its head Farooq Ahmad Dar were arrested and detained at nearby police station Kothibagh. Shouting pro Islamic slogans scores of KEA members this morning assembled at Press enclave here and staged demonstrations to protest killing of Rohingya Muslims by Buddhist radicals in Myanmar. Protesters demanded immediate end to the killing of children women and elderly people at the hands of Buddhists as part of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. They also appealed Muslim world to break their criminal silence over the issue and extend their support to poor Muslims of Rohingya who have been subjugated and brutally killed by Myanmar army and Buddhist radicals. 'This protest is aimed at expressing solidarity with innocent Rohingya Muslims who are being killed brutally. We want all Muslim countries to be united at this juncture and exert a pull on Myanmar government to stop blood bath,' Farooq Ahmad Dar told media before being detained. He said that adopting criminal silence by Muslim world not only encourages radical forces in Burma but also provide a room to others to slaughter Muslims. Meanwhile students at Amar Singh College here also held peaceful protest at college premises against killing of Rohingyas by Buddhist radical forces in Maynmar. Protesting students appealed United Nations, Amnesty International and others to use their best offices so as to end violence against Muslims in Rakhine state. They alleged that women are raped and murdered while children flesh is being cooked and then consumed by what they called Buddhist terrorists. 'How long this cycle of violence continues, why Muslim world does not raise its voice against bloodshed of hapless Muslims in Rohingya. We appeal to the world community to take note of worst ever human rights violations in Myanmar,' students added.