October 2017 News

'Focus On Education Irrespective Of Kashmir Situation'

3 October 2017
Greater Kashmir
Syed Rizwan Geelani

Srinagar: Governor NN Vohra Tuesday stressed upon students and teachers to contribute towards growth of education irrespective of situation in Kashmir. The Governor made the remarks in the wake of frequent closure of educational institution ordered by the authorities due to prevailing situation in Kashmir. Vohra was speaking during the inaugural ceremony of Satya Devi Resource Centre started by Delhi Public School (DPS) Athwajan here. 'I appeal to all of you (students) that whatever circumstances are around us, teachers, parents and students should continue to focus on education,' Vohra said. Vohra said that any problem arising due to any internal or external factors should not be allowed to go to such extent where the education of children suffers. 'You should keep in mind that there are problems everywhere and here as well. But let us not allow the problem to take us to that extent where our education suffers,' Vohra said. 'During 2014 floods, education suffered and during 2016 unrest schools, colleges and universities were closed. Students who were participating in competitive exams lost opportunity to perform,' he said. Referring to the militant attack carried by militants in the vicinity of DPS school, Governor said 'such incidents have been taking place almost regularly from a long time now as a result which our children had to return homes without studying.' 'A militant attack took place in the vicinity of this school and later they took refuge inside the premises which led to enormous damages to the institution and loss of valuable assets,' he said. Vohra also asked the students to take a proactive role in improving the political standards by taking the responsibility of understanding the ongoing situation in Kashmir. 'As youth, you don't have to accept the challenge of getting mere degrees but you have to be valuable important members to make the politics, political thinking and political ideologies of a high standard,' he said. He said the proactive role of youth will make every public and civil servants to perform. 'And those elected representatives who become leaders in the government, if they are not interested in the welfare of the state and serve the state the employees don't perform. Then our society starts going backward. Our roads, bridges are not in good condition. Electricity is also a failure,' he said. 'India had a history of taking forward the tradition of socio religious harmony which however got marred by some internal as well as external factors. Our country has multi lingual, multi religious culture and has long tradition of socio religious harmony but these are disturbed by some internal and external factors. At times our internal factors get motivated by external factors,' he said.