October 2017 News

Jammu, Kashmir Chambers To Fight For Business Issues Jointly

6 October 2017
Rising Kashmir
Riyaz Bhat

Srinagar: Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) Friday decided to work jointly on the common issues confronting various business sectors and overall development of the state, especially in the tourism industry. JCCI President Rakesh Gupta and KCCI President Javed Ahmad Tenga in a joint press conference at Srinagar demanded organised promotion of tourism sector. On the occasion Tenga said, 'With respect to the sentiments and views of people of both regions the chambers of Jammu and Kashmir division have decided that we will not touch such issues which may vitiate the environment, have political colours and are not directly related to trade, commerce and industry.' Stating that potential of the tourism industry was untapped, Tenga suggested state government to organise promotional campaigns professionally for vacation, adventure, religious and border tourism. He said there is an urgent requirement of changes to be made in master plan. 'Provisions for new commercial spaces, parking and other utilities, building laws, floor area ratios, setbacks, zoning plans and permissible building heights are the areas which needs to be addressed.' JCCI President Gupta said the occurrence of the violent behaviour should not be 'blown out of proportion' as this has a negative impact on tourist arrival to the state, especially in Kashmir valley. 'If there was violence in Las Vegas, tourism industry there did not get affected.' Gupta while urging the tourists to visit J&K said, 'We assure one and all that the Jammu and Kashmir state is one of the peaceful places in the world and the people of Jammu and Kashmir are famous for their hospitality and affection.' Gupta also added that there is no such country in the world where such little incidents don't occur. Gupta urged the state government for the implementation of Single Window Systems (SWS) saying that it must be enforced in all sectors particularly in the trade sector where the chambers expect the availability of land, power and other utilities to be unambiguously specified. Both the chambers termed the 'Rs 80 crore artificial lake project' on river Tawi in Jammu as a big scam and non-viable. The chambers advised Government to revisit the Artificial Lake Project in consultation with any of the IITs.