October 2017 News

Mob Mentality Can Take Us Back To Stone Ages

18 October 2017
Rising Kashmir
Zahid Nabi

Srinagar: Over the last few weeks Kashmir valley has gone into chaos for something unseen and extremely mysterious. Braid chopping of women that started in northern India has put Valley on the edge with over hundred incidents reported so far according to officials. In a world in which women rights are being fought for globally and women rights groups seem to have an office in every second street, women folk in Kashmir, in the form of braid chopping, are experiencing worst kind of attack on their dignity. Most of the victims have been made unconscious before their braids were cut. So for police hasn't done anything substantial and state government which incidentally is headed by a lady is equally clueless about these incidents. People in violence hit Valley feel shocked as new incident incidents surface each new day. Fear has gripped the masses and women in particular are finding it difficult to come out of their homes. Even inside their homes an accomplice preferably a male is required as many incidents have occurred inside residential premises. The incidents of braid chopping on daily basis coupled with administrative failure of tracking down the culprits have angered the people and understandably so. However this has resulted in something unpleasant and condemnable. The incidents of thrashing of many people merely on the suspension of being involved in braid chopping is not sign of a civilized society. How grave the problem, the solution always lies in understanding it and acting with wisdom with the involvement of elders of community. The anti-Kashmir media instead of speaking against hundred incidents of braid chopping has started presenting us villains for few incidents of mob violence. We must not let anger overpower our reasoning. We have already snatched a life of an old man and injured a child. In both the cases stones were aimed at braid choppers. Beggars, guests and roadside romeos have also received some dose of our anger. Considering the large scale occurrence of braid chopping incidents and lightening speed with which the culprits disappear after committing the act, there seems to be some large conspiracy behind it. Those who commit this crime seem to have received some sort of training. Under such circumstances we must not act on mere rumors and vent on anger on 'alleged choppers' something which the actual choppers would want us to do. Creating vigilant mobs to deal with this problem will only aggravate it further. Whosoever is playing with the honor of our women certainly seems to have a nefarious design in mind which must be contoured with a calm mind. Mob justice in which everybody beats somebody and nobody knows why has never solved any problem if facts it only creates enmity between groups besides reducing us to potential murderers. Only few years back Kashmir witnessed a gigantic natural calamity in the form of a massive flood. The exemplary valor shown by youth to rescue out people stuck in waters will be remembered for ages to come. The unity and spirit with which we faced that disaster showed to the world what we are actually capable of. In the form of braid chopping challenging times seem to have revisited the Valley. Let's channelize our anger in a way so that no innocent person is harmed. There is nothing wrong in guarding a village for the good of everyone, problem is when on a mere vessel an act of mob violence is carried out. Beating a person mercilessly will not be remembered an act of great courage even if he turns out to be a braid chopper. It certainly is an act of collective shame if he turns out to be an old man going for prayer or a child playing inside a car.