October 2017 News

BJP To Celebrate October 26 As Vilay Diwas, Says Accession Was 'full And Final'

26 October 2017
India Today

New Delhi: On October 26 1947 Maharaja Hari Singh, the ruler of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, signed the instrument of accession on J and K. Now, the BJP has decided to celebrate October 26 as 'Vilay Diwas', PTI reported. BJP urged the people of Jammu and Kashmir to celebrate 'Vilay Diwas' with the same spirit with which they celebrate Diwali. BJP state chief also urged the citizens to participate in the celebrations. 'The historic day forms an essential part of our lives and every resident of the state must celebrate it with full pomp and show. BJP is holding grand celebrations at its district headquarters while the main function is being organised at the sprawling ground at Parade here,' Sharma said. Ads by ZINC According to Sharma, the accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India was 'full and final'. 'Although the elder generation is aware of the facts and the sacrifices made, it is our duty to pass on this legacy and history to the younger generations so that they also are aware of our proud history and culture,' he said. Many party leaders including Union Minister Jitender Singh, Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh are expected to attend the grand celebrations being organised the BJP in the state. After India achieved independence in 1947, Jammu and Kashmir chose to be an independent state joining neither India nor Pakistan. Though a few months later, Pakistan tried to forcefully capture J&K, forcing the then king, Maharaja Hari SIngh, to sign the Instrument of Accession to join the Indian Union. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the states heavily affected by terrorism and militancy. Anti-India, anti-government feelings are also rampant in the state. In such a situation, celebrating October 26 as Vilay Diwas might not go down well with the citizens of the state.