November 2017 News

Majid Did Not Surrender; He Came Back On His Own: Police

17 November 2017
Kashmir Times

Srinagar: Assuring the 20-year-old Anantnag youth, Majid Khan, who 'came back' after reportedly joining militants for nine days, the security forces Friday said that no charges will be pressed against him and he will be facilitated to live a normal and dignified life. Khan, who had joined LeT nine days ago, and is a famous footballer in Anantnag, returned after passionate appeals from her mother became widespread on social media. Addressing a joint press conference at Victor Force headquarters at Awantipora, GOC Victor Force, B S Raju and IGP Kashmir Munir Khan complimented Khan, his parents and friends for succeeding in his return home. The IGP said that Majid Khan came back on his own and he had no weapon with him on his return. 'Neither has he surrendered nor was he apprehended. He came back on his own and he went on his own to see how it tasted. And of course his parents and friends were instrumental in bringing him back,' he said. Reiterating his surrender appeal to the local militants, the IGP said that security forces stick to their policy and will welcome back the local youth who have picked the gun and are shunning it. 'All these things led nowhere and their families suffered,' he said. The IGP said that rehabilitation is possible in effective manner. 'They are part of the society and have a right to live a dignified life,' he said. He said the message of the police will help and other youth may be motivated to surrender. 'Certainly, it will as we are committed to our word,' he said, adding, 'No weapon was recovered from him (Majid Khan).' He said the militants who will surrender will not face any sort of harassment and they will be secured. GOC Victor Force, B S Raju said that no charges will be pressed on him and he will be able to get back to normal life very soon. 'We compliment him and his parents, especially his mother, whose appeals and prayers yielded results. Majid Khan came back and security forces orchestrated his comeback safely.' 'We got information yesterday that there is an opportunity from his family that this individual wants to come back. And we ensured he come back safely. This was a brave decision, keeping in view the status of his family and to pursue his academic career and in sports as well,' Raju said. 'He had strayed on a beaten path and came back on his own having realised the folly of the path he had taken,' he said. 'I appeal to all youth who have gone astray and who want to return and who have not committed any crime can follow the footsteps of Majid Khan and we will take full care of them and facilitate the return of those who have been coerced into taking criminal action, and everything within the purview of law will be taken for them for mainstreaming them,' he said. He said that his mother made a powerful message which ensured his comeback. 'We intend to take this as great example for other parents as well to make their appeals so that right sense prevails in their children and they come back,' he said.