November 2017 News

Panun Kashmir Warns GoI Against Re-lapse Of Dialogue Process

17 November 2017
The Daily Excelsior

Jammu: Warning Narendra Modi led Government against the re-lapse of the dialogue process started in the State recently, Panun Kashmir (PK) today said this will generate nothing but eventually promote the interests of Muslim separatism and fundamentalism in the State. 'If dialogue process is based on the same premises and political motivations as that guided the previous team of interlocutors led by Dileep Padgoankar or Working Group on Centre-State relations led by Justice Sageer Ahmed, the people will witness further bleed of national credibility in the State', Panun Kashmir convener, Dr Agnishekhar its chairman, Dr Ajay Chrungoo told reporters here, today. The PK leaders asked the Government of India to realize that autonomy politics in the State, right since its accession has been protracted campaign to promote secessionism and Islamization. 'The autonomy, self-rule and independence have acted as different stages as well as complimentary ventures for the spread of religious fascist separatism in the State. To consider them options of retrieving the situation in J&K has been a long protracted suicide', they added. The PK leaders said that their organization has no hesitation in stating that previous cycles of dialogue and political engagements in the State turned out to be cycle of internal subversion which consolidated Muslim separatism and ensured the widening of its ambit into areas of the State where it was non existent. The dialogue process became lethal device to cut the interests of the nation in the State by demanding and delegitimizing the patriotic opinion in the State and boosting the morale of fundamentalist and separatist campaign on the ground, they added. They said the representatives of Government of India are fully aware that how the delegations which met the Central interlocutor in Jammu recently were invited by the State Government. ' A spirit of carelessness, disrespect and disdain was amply manifest when the State Government sent the vague unspecified invitation letters through political mercenaries without even underlining the agenda of interaction. The dialogue process loses even the little bit of seriousness when State Government guides it in such a way that it caters to the political vested interests of ruling alliance partners PDP and BJP', they added. They said under these circumstances PK choose to remain away from the dialogue process to let it be known the representative of GoI that Hindus of J&K are not a door mat for entering into the domain of engagement with the separatists. They are the only sure guarantee of upholding the sovereignty and integrity of the nation in the State, the PK leaders added.