November 2017 News

Farooq Abdullah Sparks Another Controversy

18 November 2017
Financial Express

New Delhi: Ex-Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah has again landed himself in controversy after he made another debatable statement in Jammu on Saturday. 'You have made one Pakistan, how many Pakistans will you make, how many pieces will you cut India into?' said ex-Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah. Ex-CM while speaking at a gathering re-asserted his statement made on November 11 stating that 'Yes, I say it (PoK) belongs to them (Pakistan).' He further went on to say about Pakistan that 'they are not wearing bangles'. He questioned the nation asking if the people wanted to be killed 'by them (Pakistan).' Addressing his party workers at Jammu he questioned the administration of the country saying 'You are sitting in palaces, think about the poor people living in border areas, who are bombed daily .' It is not the first time the former chief minister has made such a remark. Earlier, in a statement he said that 70 years have passed 'but they (India) could get it (POK).' Farooq Abdullah's remarks have landed him in trouble after the incumbent government slammed the minister for creating fear among the youth of Kashmir and propelling them towards terrorism. A social activist has also filed a PIL against the Soura MP seeking registration of sedition cases against him after the statement on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The Lok Sabha member had stormed up controversy last week after he said that PoK belonged to Pakistan and 'this won't change' no matter how many wars India and Pakistan fight. In the PIL, the social activist claimed that Abdullah had favoured Pakistan and insulted India and said that Abdullah's tweet 'POK belongs to Pakistan and will stay in Pakistan' was 'inciting violence' and public disorder, according to Press Trust of India. Addressing his party workers last Wednesday he made another controversial statement while addressing his party workers in Uri area of north Kashmir's Baramulla district commenting that he was hoping for the day when people would move freely across borders. The NC president said, 'A day will come when you will cross the Line of Control (LoC) in such a manner as if going from one house to another. Have belief on this that such a day will come and without that, there would be no peace in this country,' to which Congress spokesperson R P N Singh said that Jammu and Kashmir will remain to be an integral part of India.