December 2017 News

No Let-up In Ops, Militants Will Be Targeted And Killed: DM

1 December 2017
The Daily Excelsior
Sanjeev Pargal

Jammu: Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said today that people of Kashmir have completely rejected terrorism as she declared that there will be no let up in 'anti-militancy operations' in the Valley and the terrorists, who don't surrender, 'will be identified, targeted and eliminated' by the security forces. At the same time, she said, there will be a lenient approach towards the militants, who want to surrender and join the national mainstream. She also charged that Pakistan hasn't stopped 'entertaining and facilitating' terrorism and even the 'non-state actors' continued to create trouble by preparing militants and pushing them to this side to create trouble. 'The people of Kashmir have completely rejected terrorism. For this, they had to sacrifice a lot. The 'anti-militancy operations' disturbed their (the people's) day-to-day routine. Braving all-odds, the people cooperated,' Sitharaman said in an interview to a national news channel coinciding with elimination of 200 militants in Kashmir this year, the feat which was achieved yesterday. Congratulating various security agencies for massive successes against militants, the Defence Minister also had a word of warning for Pakistan. 'Pakistan has not stopped entertaining or facilitating terrorism. Looking the other way even as non-state actors are fanning trouble, we have repeatedly questioned them long before and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been saying that the perpetrators of Mumbai attack have to be brought to trial', she said. She added that at the same time Pakistan should show that there are reasons to believe that they no longer support these kinds of operations or encourage people or train them in any of those camps. Attributing major successes in Kashmir by security forces that led to the killing of 200 militants this year to coordination among various security agencies, Sitharaman lauded Army, Intelligence, Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) and Jammu and Kashmir Police and, above all, the people of the Valley saying there is a complete rejection of terror by people of Kashmir. 'As long as there are attempts to push infiltrations, as long as terrorists are coming, as long as there is direct or indirect support of Pakistan to the militants, which hurts our territoryour peopleour action against the militants won't come down. Our operations against the militants will continue,' Sitharaman said. 'There have been remarkable successes achieved by security agencies, who have coordinated operations against the militants very well. The operations were conducted very steadily. Out of 200 militants killed, 60 to 65 were top commanders and very dreaded ones. This has been very great achievement,' the Defence Minister said having word of very special praises for Army, para-military forces and local police. Responding to a question as to whether talks by the Special Representative of Centre Government, Dineshwar Sharma would impact operations against militants, the Defence Minister didn't agree. Hinting at two-pronged strategy to deal with militants, Sitharaman said there will be one different approach towards the militants, who have fallen into wrong hands and would like to surrender. 'We would ensure that such youths don't go in wrong direction, surrender and join mainstream and lead the life of constructive citizen'. However, the Defence Minister said, as far as other class of the militants is concerned (who don't give up arms), they will be identified, clearly targeted by the security forces and eliminated. 'Such type of militants will not fain any free hand and will be traced to kill. Both Centre and State Governments are firm on this'. Nirmala Sitharaman said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been firm that perpetrators of 26-11 Mumbai terror attack have to be brought to trial. This year the security forces had scored double century in killing the militants. Number of militants killed in the Kashmir valley had crossed 200 yesterday after security forces gunned down five militants including a Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) divisional commander and four Jaish-e-Mohammed militants at Pakherpora, Budgam and Sopore in North Kashmir. Army has launched 'Operation All Out' against the militants in Kashmir in which para-military forces and Jammu and Kashmir Police have joined actively leading to elimination of such a large number of militants, which has helped maintain security situation well under control.