December 2017 News

Sheikh Abdullah Was Instrumental In J&K's Accession With India: Qasim Faktoo

4 December 2017
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: The incarcerated ameer of Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) Dr Muhammad Qasim today held the National Conference (NC) founder late Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah responsible for Jammu Kashmir's accession with India in October 1947. 'Sheikh Abdullah is more to blame than Hari Singh for Indian control because in October 1947 Hari Singh had fled Kashmir and the actual control of state lied with NC volunteers led by Sheikh Abdullah. If Sheikh Abdullah had decided not to accept the accession signed by Hari Singh, it (accession) would have carried no weight,' a spokesman of the MDM, in a statement today, quoted Dr Qasim as having said this in his message from Srinagar Central Jail. 'When Sheikh was arrested by his close friend Nehru in 1953 for opposing his (Nehru's) anti- autonomy movement in Jammu, he should have realised his mistakes, but the way he betrayed the exemplary sacrifices of people during the plebiscite movement for power in 1975 shows that his first and last ambition was power,' he said. 'If he (Sheikh) would have supported Hari Singh and Ram Chand Kak in their effort to keep Kashmir independent, he would not have been able to grab power,' he said. 'If Kashmir would have acceded to Pakistan, Pakistan would have preferred Maulana Yousuf Shah and Chaudhry Abbas for government over Sheikh Abdullah. Therefore, he took calculated steps to join India because he had spent 15 years with Indian National Congress. The power for which he deceived his own people and pushed entire subcontinent into perils of war was snatched from him first in 1953 and then completely in 1982. But what is astonishing is the fact that pro- Indian politicians haven't learnt lessons from the failed life of Sheikh Abdullah,' Dr Qasim added.