December 2017 News

Pain, Indignation Over US' Jerusalem Call In Kashmir Valley

7 December 2017
Kashmir Observer
Marouf Ahmad

Srinagar: Anger poured in from across political spectrum in Kashmir Valley on Thursday against President Donald Trump's declaration that United States recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) comprising Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik called for peaceful protests after the Friday prayers and a complete shutdown on Sunday against Trump's decision likening it to 'political bankruptcy' of the 'fascist regime.' Jerusalem, they said, represented the religious emotions and aspirations of more than a billion Muslims across the globe. 'This is our Qibla-I-Awwal (the first direction of prayer) and no Muslim can ever accept it (Jerusalem) as the capital of the Zionist state of Israel. By taking this kind of irrational decisions, US President Donald Trump is actually showing his imprudent politics, fascist behaviour and enmity against Muslims,' they said. Gauging the peoples pulse, National Conference too reacted swiftly with its president and former 3-time Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah calling the Trump's decision unfair, unjust and oblivious to historical facts and against the goal of reconciliation and peace in the Middle East. Abdullah, who is a parliamentarian from Srinagar, called upon New Delhi to stand by its historic stand on Palestine. 'Government of India is also obligated to strongly and unambiguously oppose this move in line with the country's historical foreign policy stand that is committed to the people of Palestine in their quest for justice and peaceful existence,' Farooq said and reminded New Delhi that it was also pivoted on the policy of non-alignment and objectivity. 'The condemnation from the Government of India should be unequivocal and we should take a stand in consonance with our values and our place in the comity of nations,' Farooq added. His son and former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah termed the New Delhi's stand on US declaration on Jerusalem a 'wishy-washy drivel'. Taking to twitter, Omar said that such a move in the past would have drawn strong condemnation from India. 'There was a time when the Trump Administration move to over turn decades of US policy WRT *Jersualem would have provoked a strong condemnation from India,' he said. 'Now all you get is some wishy washy drivel about India's position determined by our self interest & not what other countries do. There was a time India stood for something,' he wrote on Twitter. The Mutahida Majlis-e-Ulema (MMU), an amalgam of various Islamic bodies, condemned Trump's announcement on 'Al Quds Al Sharief 'as purely anti-Muslim and anti-Palestine stating that the move amounts to stabbing the heart of every Muslims across the world.' In the joint statement, the MMU termed Trump's decision as purely anti-Muslim and anti-Palestine, stating that the move amounts to stabbing the heart of every Muslims across the world. The MMU too called for protests on Friday against Trump's unilateral decision and stated that mass protest rallies will be organised in every masjid, shrine and imam bara of Kashmir against the decision 'which amounts to trampling of rights of innocent people of Palestine on one hand and hurting the sentiments of Muslims across the globe.' Communist party, the CPI (M)'s Polit Bureau also strongly condemned the decision as against the United Nation's and the international community's stand. 'The United States is also responsible for scuttling any possible peace negotiations between the Israel and Palestine. This decision by Donald Trump will trigger further tensions and conflicts in the region with global ramifications.' Anjuamn Shari Shian president Syed Hasan Almosvi Alsafvi said that it was high time for 56 Islamic countries to take on anti-Muslim US president Donald Trump and show them the power of unity. 'Jerusalem represents the religious emotions and aspirations of Muslims and it is also the Qabl-e-Awal of whole Muslim Ummah,' Agha Syed said. Jamaat-e-Islami J&K also strongly denounced the 'unjust, biased, anti-Islamic and unrealistic' decision. 'The Zionist Jews have illegally and immorally occupied the land of Palestine in 1948 with the connivance of the so called world powers under a sinister design mainly formulated in 1917 resulting in the Balfour Agreement,' JeI said.