December 2017 News

2017 Proved Another Year Of Deaths For Kashmir

15 December 2017
Kashmir Monitor

Srinagar: The year 2017 proved deadliest of all years since 2010 in terms of the killings due to various incidents of violence in the already strife- torn Jammu and Kashmir. As per the records available with various defence portals, till December 10, this year, there were total number of 221 militants killed in various anti-militancy operations in Jammu and Kashmir. Furthermore, the records reveal that 55 civilians lost their lives during different incidents of violence witnessed since January to December this year. Also, the number of security forces killed in various anti-militancy operations in the state is 78. The year 2017 is considered as most lethal for the militancy in the region as the insurgents suffered highest causalities this year since 2010. In the year 2010, there were 270 militants killed by the security forces. In 2011, the number of militant causalities was 119. In 2012, there were in total 84 militants killed. While as the number of militants killed in 2013 was 100. Similarly, there were 110 militants and 51 security forces personnel killed in the year 2014 and in 2015 the number of militants killed in 2015 has been estimated as 113. In that year, there were 41 causalities of security forces and 20 civilians. In 2016, the number of militants killed was 165. However, the year 2017 is considered the deadliest one as in the current year, the total number of killings were 343 including of civilians, security forces and of militants. As per the records, the highest number of militants were killed in June 2017. The number is claimed to be 30 followed by July when 27 militants were killed. In August, September, October and November this year, the militants killed were 25, 18, 18 and 27 respectively. Till December 10, there were six militants killed by the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir.