December 2017 News

Kashmir Safe Only With Idea And Culture Of India: J&K BJP Leader

25 December 2017
The Economic Times
Hakeem Irfan Rashid

Srinagar: Kashmir is safe only with the idea and culture of India and the state has been the epitome of communal harmony even during the turbulent times, JK BJP leader Khalid Jehangir said on the sidelines of an interfaith dialogue in Srinagar on Sunday. The migration of Pandits from Kashmir in the 1990s, Jehangir said, was the result of the proxy war waged by Pakistan. 'No Kashmiri Muslim can ever think of killing any member of the minority community. Kashmiri Pandits left because of the proxy war waged by Pakistan. Muslims have always safeguarded minorities.' 'In Kashmir, there is coexistence and tolerance for one another,' said Father Sebastian while addressing the gathering. Gurmeet Singh, a member of the Sikh community, said Kashmir is a garden that remains beautiful with different variety of flowers. Amit Wanchoo, a Kashmiri Pandit whose family stayed back in the Valley, said contribution of missionaries in education was unforgettable.