February 2018 News

Sharma Meets Kulgam Residents

23 February 2018
Greater Kashmir
Khalid Gul

Srinagar: The Government of India's 'special representative' for Kashmir Dineshwar Sharma on Friday visited Kulgam where he met at least a dozen delegations. Sharma reached Kulgam around 9:30 am and straight away started meeting people at deputy's commissioner's office, a source said. The delegation members, who met Sharma sought 'resolution of Kashmir issue, end to human rights violations and redressal of grievances,' the source added. The delegations which met him included some traders, fruit growers and youth, he said. 'Most of the deputations met Sharma in the individual capacity.' He said that members of various mainstream political parties also met Sharma and termed peace as subservient to prosperity and development. The delegations sought redress of their grievances which ranged from providing crop insurance to providing jobs and assistance to earn their livelihood. The BJP led NDA government in October last year announced to carry the sustained dialogue with all stakeholders to understand the legitimate aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir. On Friday Sharma visited Shopian and met several delegations there. In previous legs of his visits to different districts of Jammu as well as Kashmir, Sharma has met several delegations.