February 2018 News

Sufi Rock Bands Getting Popular Among People Of Kashmir

24 February 2018

Srinagar: Sufi rock bands are getting popular among the people of the valley and are attracting the new generation towards the new trends of music. From the last few years, some music bands, like Blood Rockz (one of the best sufi rock bands of the valley) have worked hard to bring this change in Kashmiri music. Kashmir is famous all over the world because of its unique culture, tradition and Sufiyana poetry. Since music has changed with time, the Kashmiri youths, adapting to the transient times, have got themselves involved in this new trend of sufi rock bands. With this, they aim to revive all kinds of musical activities, including sufiyana music, and entertain people with the new trend. Bands, therefore, are organising a number of shows in the valley to entertain the audiences. 'Change is must for positive results and attracts people towards Sufi music and these music bands are playing a tremendous role to entertain the audience,' said a local resident.