February 2018 News

Kashmir Inc Rebuffs Ganga's Statement Over Hartals

28 February 2018
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Criticising Industries Minister Chander Prakesh Gupta for his statement asking traders in Kashmir to standup against the hartal calls given by the Hurriyat, Kashmir based business bodies today said 'no peace can come in this part of world without settlement of Kashmir'. Ganga on Wednesday, while addressing the J&K Council annual meet of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), has asked Kashmiri traders and business bodies to 'openly come in support of normalcy' in the valley and oppose shut down calls given by Hurriyat Conference. Calling the statement as 'unfortunate', Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries president Javid Ahmad Tenga said, 'Whenever KCCI as an organisation has asked its members or has been part of any protest or given support to Hartals, it has only done so, when the government has worked against the interest of Kashmiri people.' 'The minister using a podium of an all India trade body clearly exposes the program of the present dispensation of trying to change the narrative through trade bodies of India who are slowly and slowly given space which is presently with the local trade bodies,' he said, adding, 'Such designs will be fought tooth and nail by all of us.' Another trade body Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industries Kashmir (CCIK) reacting to the industries minister's statement said 'The expressions are misplaced, unfortunate and unbecoming of a politician of his caliber.' 'We would suggest a speedy settlement of Kashmir issue through dialogue where all the stakeholder are participants so that Kashmir improves economically and for economic improvement of Kashmir the settlement is prerequisite,' reads CCIK statement. The said minister should understand that no trade body would like their constituent member to go on Hartal, Tenga further said. 'Instead of telling the businessmen in Delhi to advocate for a just settlement of Kashmir with the Indian government he has gone and spoken such words which are unacceptable to us as a trade body,' Tenga said. He said Kashmir trade and industry has suffered for decades particularly after 1990 for no fault of theirs as 'non settlement of Kashmir is bottom of all our economic woes economically'.