March 2018 News

Peace Only Option Available To India, Pakistan: Soz

3 March 2018
Rising Kashmir

Srinagar: Former Union Minister, Saifuddin Soz Saturday said be it India's General Hooda and General Naravane or Pakistan's National Security Advisor, Nasir Janjua, they are eminent personalities with ideas. 'Please be sure, that it is ideas alone that have moved the world, in the past,' Soz in his statement said, adding: 'These men of ideas, among many others, have been consistent for years that India and Pakistan have to finally settle for peace in the larger interests of their nationhood.' 'It was so refreshing to read General M M Naravane, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief's statement that he made at Punjab University, Chandigarh, the other day that a lasting and purposeful cease-fire at the borders can be best obtained through statesmanship and not by brinkmanship,' he said, adding: 'Let us offer three cheers for these great people with ideas that can move India and Pakistan towards peace.' Soz said General Naravane has warned Indian leadership that India should not exploit the weaknesses in Pakistan's system of governance 'where Army plays an upper hand and should keep an eye on its own constitutional commitments and the need of adopting the process of understanding with Pakistan through dialogue and discussion'. General Naravane has also lamented on the growing trend of radicalization and intolerance within India's own society over mundane issues, Soz said, adding: 'These voices from within the National Security System of India and Pakistan have stressed on the fact that war being no option, peace is the only option available to India and Pakistan.' 'As for brinkmanship, the latest is that Suhas Palshikar, an eminent scholar has raised an alarm (Indian Express, March 1, 2018) that the General is raising controversies all around. The crux of Suhas Palshikar's article is that brinkmanship will never work and it will create difficulties with all our neighbors,' he said.