March 2018 News

Young Filmmakers Attempt To Revive Cinema In Kashmir

6 March 2018
Rising Kashmir
Musaib Mehraj

Srinagar: A film by a group of young men on suicide has won acclaim and is turning out to be an inspiration for others to follow suit. The young filmmakers are taking centre stage to revive film culture in restive Kashmir region as 'Hayaat' - short film was screened Tuesday at the Department of Information and Public Relations, Srinagar. The film directed by Visalat Dada and team is a 12 minute short film based on the universal subject of life as how people give up their hope of living when life turns upside down. The film revolves around two characters one played by Visalat Dada himself and the other character is Hayaat played by Aeshna Elizabeth who happens to be the only non-Kashmiri from entire cast of the movie. The film is all about how people give away their hope to live when life throws nothing towards them and individuals see no other way to respond apart from committing suicide. The film runs along with a powerful theme and a tint of Iranian music at the background that adds to the flare of a short but powerful film. Since the culture of film making in Kashmir has died its slow death, young filmmakers from Kashmir have taken an initiative to revive the culture of professional film making in the valley. The director and script writer of Hayaat, Visalat Dada believes that youth should take a stand and leave behind all the odds to revive rich culture of film making in the valley. 'If we take a look at modern times film making is an art and one should convey his-her message through a film so this is the best opportunity for the youth to stand up and take an initiative to revive the culture here,' Dada said. 'I have chosen this subject because life and death are a natural processes and artist is the one who portrays his basic emotions and how an artist visualizes things differently. The painter narrates everything through his art of colors similarly film making is also an art portrayed through editing, lighting, cinematography,' he said. When asked about the problems a young film maker faces during film making here Visalat said that we are in dire need of a cinema as the real cinema is yet to hit the state. 'Cinema had never been here before if we talk of cinema as an art form, films made here are Montague sequences and not films because film is basically a different genre altogether,' he said. Young filmmaker and Cinematographer of the movie Hayaat, Sajad Bhat said that it was an amazing experience for the team to work amid limited recourses. 'This is just a beginning,' he said. 'It was a team effort and we will soon be coming up with some more short films,' he added. He said that people in Kashmir often make excuses of low budgets for making a film. 'Budget is highly important for any project. But budget if you want to convey a message, you just find the ways,' he said. 'We can convey our message through any outlet. Technology has advanced so much these days that what matters is the content, the message and not how the film has been made,' Bhat said. The film was screened at DIPR in front of dignitaries from film, music and information department who showered their praises over the efforts for making the film. A prominent film maker, producer Shafqat Habib lauded the efforts of young film maker in making the film as he believed that somebody should take a stand and revive the lost culture. 'I came here to put myself in a situation where we have lost the film culture; we have lost the habit of what the film is all about. The film has pulled a trigger for me as I was in my own journey of film making as I have not made a film for many years,' Shafqat said. 'We as Kashmiris have to cultivate a sense of cinema in ourselves and the impact of this movie has triggered me again to make a film. We should evolve ourselves and everybody should contribute to revive the culture,' he said. Shafqat also stated that in every culture there is a film maker, the activities, workshops, ideas about film culture is a wonderful initiative as the youngsters are coming forward to the rescue of lost identity in Kashmir.