March 2018 News

Mohan Bhagwat's Remarks Cannot Change Ground Reality In Kashmir: Bar

18 March 2018
Kashmir Reader

Srinagar: J&K High Court Bar Association, Srinagar, has strongly condemned the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's statement calling upon to use force and power against the people of Kashmir and hailing the Indian army for its 'efforts' to counter 'forces seeking to divide people of Jammu & Kashmir' and saying that the 'trouble makers only understand the language of power'. In a statement, Bar Association said it maintains that the people of Kashmir are seeking the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions, which guarantee them the right of self-determination. 'It is the same security council, which has not accepted the claim of India that Kashmir is its integral part and instead has asked both India and Pakistan to withdraw their forces from Kashmir to facilitate the holding of a plebiscite in the state under UN auspices which India has tactfully avoided for the last 70 years by use of military might.' Bar Association believes that the 'torture inflicted on human beings, whatever the circumstances, is forbidden by law and the people of Kashmir who have been subjected to humiliation and torture on regular basis, in a planned and systematic manner.' 'The Bar Association makes it further clear that killing, blinding, maiming, arresting, detaining and torturing the people of Kashmir has been going on for the last 70 years with impunity, but it has not brought any change in the situation on ground. The use of 'Shakti or Yukti' as suggested by Mohan Bhagwat is also therefore, not going to alter the ground reality. It is not only in the interests of people of Kashmir but also in the interests of the people of India, whose more than 50 percent population is living in abject poverty, to settle the Kashmir dispute, in accordance with the wishes of the people, so as to establish peace and tranquility in the region,' the statement said. The Bar Association also denounced the statement of RSS Prant Sanghchalak Brig (retd) Suchait Singh, who has supported the demand of the 'fascist and communal forces' seeking deportation of Myanmar and Bangladeshi refugees, from Jammu and has termed their presence, as a security threat. 'The Bar Association maintains that the Rohingya Muslims have taken shelter in Jammu only because of the ruthless policies of the Government of Myanmar, which by use of brute military force, has massacred them in thousands and have driven out of their homes. These refugees therefore deserve to be treated with love and affection and allowed to remain in Jammu till such time they are able to go back to their country honourably,' Bar said.