March 2018 News

GoI Mismanaged Kashmir Issue: Manmohan

18 March 2018
Rising Kashmir
Adbul Bari Masoud

New Delhi: Former Prime Minister and senior Congress leader, Manmohan Singh, Sunday accused the Government of India (GoI) of 'mismanaging' the Jammu and Kashmir problem. He also criticized the coalition government of the state and attacked Pakistan saying 'it still supports to the cross-border terrorism'. Singh said the BJP government has messed up the economy. In his address on the second and last day of the Congress party's 84th plenary session held at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, here, Singh spoke at length on a range of issues including Kashmir, and Pakistan. On deteriorating situation in Kashmir, the former PM said the Modi government had 'messed' up the Kashmir issue as the atmosphere in the state 'is deteriorating day in and day out.' 'We also must recognise that the Modi government has mismanaged the Jammu and Kashmir problem.' He also blamed the PDP-BJP coalition government for the present dismal situation. 'They ( Modi government) have a government, where the two wings of the government are working against each other'. Reiterating that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India, Singh said India needs to accept that Kashmir has special problems that must be addressed in the right earnest. 'We also must recognise that our country needs to recognise the special problems of Jammu and Kashmir and we must deal with those problems with all seriousness.' With regard to Pakistan, the ex-PM said the country is worried about the 'support that Islamabad provides to the cross-border terrorism.' He asked Islamabad to give up this path of support of 'terrorist elements emanating from our cross border' and warned Pakistan that this path is 'mutually destructive for peace and prosperity in the sub-continent.' However, he said both the countries must sort out all problems sitting together peacefully. He also criticized the government' policy on Pakistan saying it is not serious about addressing the issue. 'Our borders are not secure, whether it is the cross-border terrorism or internal terrorism, internal insurgency and these are the issues today , which are the source of great worry to all our citizens and the Modi Government has not found ways and means of tackling with this problem'. In his speech, Singh also touched upon the economy blaming the GOI of messing it up. 'The BJP government has messed up the economy. When Modi ji was campaigning, he made lots of tall promises. Those promises have not been fulfilled. He said that if the BJP comes to power it will provide two crore jobs, we have not seen even two lakh jobs. In fact, the ill-thought and the ill-considered legislation with regard to demonetisation and the hastily put forward the legislation for GST have snatched many jobs. They have created problems for small and medium industry and the informal sector.'