April 2018 News

PDP, NC Concur: Kashmir Key Lies With India, Pak

8 April 2018
Rising Kashmir
Faisul Yaseen

Srinagar: The ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and opposition National Conference (NC) Sundayconcurred that the key to resolution of Kashmir issue lies with New Delhi and Islamabad although NC said it could also come from courageous State politics. Speaking during the panel discussion 'Kashmir: The way forward with youth' during a programme 'Rubaru' organised by 'Sunrise in Kashmir', PDP spokesman and youth president, Waheed-ur-Rehman Para said Kashmir solution did not lie with political parties in the State but with New Delhi and Islamabad. 'We and NC can talk about smaller issues but the key to Kashmir resolution lies with India and Pakistan,' he said. Para said the young Kashmiri youth, who were joining militancy were sincere and incorruptible and called upon pro-India politicians to show same sincerity and conviction in their politics. 'The one who gives his life is sincere, he isn't corrupt, he has a huge conviction, and it is this conviction that we need in the mainstream to make things right,' he said brushing aside suggestions of religious radicalisation in Kashmir. 'Kashmir is not affected by religious radicalisation but by political radicalisation,' Para said. Opposition NC spokesman, Junaid Azim Mattu concurred with Para that that the political initiative on Kashmir had to come from New Delhi and Islamabad. However, he was quick to add that the solution could also come from constructive, honest and courageous politics in Jammu Kashmir. Calling for seeing the reason behind 'successive eruptions of public anger' in Kashmir, Mattu questioned Hurriyat Conference Chairman Syed Ali Geelani for his protest politics saying tomorrow Geelani could give a 'New York Chalo' call as it was easy for him to give such calls. 'Geelani is not a holy cow, he fought five elections and had to be forced to resign in 1987 when all others espousing the cause of Hurriyat had resigned,' he said. 'He wrote to (Peoples Conference founder) Abdul Gani Lone that he will not resign as the Member of the Legislative Assembly and had to be persuaded to resign.' Mattu was joined by a student leader at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Shehla Rashid Shora in Geelani's and Hurriyat leadership's criticism saying, 'If Kashmiri leadership knows that youth will be killed, why do they give protest and march calls sitting at home.' She said the Kashmir 'movement' should not be rigid and cannot have only one course. 'The course of the movement can be changed and Geelani has to change the course of the movement,' said Shora, who, according to reports, is contemplating to take a plunge in pro-India politics. Referring to radicalisation, she said India was worse than Pakistan due to the emergence of people like Yogi Adityanath (Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister) and the 'lynch mob'. The rightwing BJP spokesman Sheikh Khalid Jehangir blamed New Delhi's politics over the years for the mistrust in Kashmir. 'Who can forget what happened in 1987, who can forget what happened in 1996, and who can forget the Operation Tiger,' he said about the legislative assembly poll results and the heinous massacres undertaken by the Indian Army and paramilitary forces under the operation as referred to as 'Operation Catch and Kill'. Suggesting that New Delhi had ignored Kashmiris over the past 70 years, Jehangir said the only Indian Prime Minister who people of Kashmir remember was Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Journalist and political commentator, Gowhar Geelani said the pro-India political parties had been selling the idea of India in Kashmir despite being humiliated by New Delhi over the years. 'They sometimes arrested Prime Minister of Jammu Kashmir, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah and sometimes threw their autonomy resolution in a dustbin,' he said. 'The truth is that the idea of independent Kashmir was not of a Kashmiri Muslim but of a Kashmiri Pandit Ram Chander Kak taken forward by another Kashmiri Pandit, Prem Nath Bazaz.' During the second panel discussion on Social issues confronted in Kashmir, NC Youth President Salman Ali Sagar said Jammu Kashmir was witnessing corruption not because of militancy but because of the legislators, ministers and pro-Indian politicians. He said the government that believed in 'Goli Ka Jawab Boli Sey' (dialogue answer for bullets) is now dealing 'Goli with Goli' (bullets for bullets). Sagar said if the existing political situation continues no Kashmiri would be ready to become a chief minister and represent India in Kashmir. Giving example of how the government had rehabilitated all the 'corrupt officers' by giving them plum postings, he said some of these officers had been released on bail and had cases pending against them. Sagar questioned the selection of the daughter of Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh as an anaesthesiologist and Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti's cousin as an officer in Jammu Kashmir Khadi and Village Industries Board (KVIB). He said of the around 50 recruitments in KVIB, at least 45 were relatives of PDP members while another 50 percent people recruited under Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyhan (RMSA) were kinds of PDP members. State Congress youth activist, Sheikh Aamir said blamed the massive military presence in Kashmir for the youth taking up arms. 'The presence of Army on the streets is a sign of war and Kashmiri youth are left with no option other than war,' he said. PDP youth activist Najamu Saqib blamed the non-participation of people in electoral process for a defunct system. Political activist Inam-un-Nabi said the Indian state was trying to justify the genocide of Kashmiris by creating a fake narrative about Islamic State ideology taking root in the Valley. He said PDP taking over from NC in Jammu Kashmir and vice versa was like Major Leetul Gogoi, who tied a voter on the bonnet of an Army vehicle to use him as a human shield, taking over from Major Avtar Singh, who was accused of five extra judicial killings. Kashmiri prominent Pandit and social activist, Amit Wanchoo termed the youth killed in the firing by Army, paramilitary forces and Police as 'martyrs' and said one of such youth killed recently had applied for a government job. However, he said it was the relatives of members of pro-India political parties who land up having most of these jobs. Founder and Chairman of Sunrise in Kashmir, Faaiz Dijoo said the absence of a voice from the Hurriyat from the programme was not by design but because they had not agreed to participate. Dijoo said the event was the beginning of the Rubaru conclaves and that the organisers would organise more such conclaves in the future.