April 2018 News

15 From Jammu And Kashmir Crack Civil Services Exam 2017

28 April 2018

Srinagar: At least 15 candidates from Jammu and Kashmir have qualified the prestigious civil services 2017 examination whose results were announced yesterday. Among those selected, three candidates from Kashmir have made it to the top 100. Fazal ul Haseeb (rank 36), Inabat Khaliq (378) and Haaris Rashid (487) all residents of Srinagar, got through the Union Public Service Commission examination. The others from the state who have made it to the selected list are Rahul Bhat (68), Abhishek Sharma (69), Akshay Labroo (104), Syed Imran Masoodi (198), Shalesh Jain (259), Sudarshan Bhat (434) Aamir Bashir (843), Ch Mohammad Farooq (939), Atal Choudhary (896), Shashank Bhardwaj (907), Sheetal Angral (945) and Vivek Bhagat (967). A total of 990 candidates - 750 men and 240 women - have been recommended by the UPSC for appointment to various central government services. While Indian Revenue Service officer Durishetty Anudeep topped the coveted civil services 2017 examination, Anu Kumari and Sachin Gupta stood second and third respectively. Meanwhile, the rulingPDP today congratulated the candidates for qualifying the UPSC-2017 examination, stating that such moments are the remarkable demonstrations for the prosperous, lively and stronger society. Lauding the hard work put forth by the civil service aspirants in cracking the exam, PDP general secretary Mansoor Hussain Soharwardhy said state's younger generation have proved once again that they are second to none in the country when it comes to proving their abilities and worth on national and international forums.