June 2018 News

Silence No Solution

10 June 2018
Greater Kashmir
Khalid Isaac

Srinagar: The recent developments have shifted the focus on separatist leaders in Kashmir as Government of India has put the ball in their court. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh during his recent visit to the Valley made it clear that GoI is ready to talk to 'right minded' people and it's not necessary that they should be 'like minded.' It's a clear indication that GoI would talk to anyone provided someone comes forward for the parleys. Kashmir has been witnessing killings and bloodshed for the past three decades. Violence has not yielded anything except destruction and devastation. Kashmiris have already lost their two generations and third one also seems to have chosen the dangerous path. The separatist leaders cannot just act as mute spectators. They have to rise above their ideologies and save the young boys from death, destruction and violence. Separatists need to tell the people what's wrong and what is right. Being at war forever is no solution. Rajnath Singh during his recent visit to the Valley expressed concern about Kashmiri children choosing the wrong path. He urged their parents and elders to counsel them and get them back into the mainstream. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq during his Friday sermon at Jamia Masjid cautiously welcomed Singh's concern towards Kashmiri youth and their future. New Delhi has made it clear that it wants peace to prevail in the Valley. It's for the first time in the past four years that BJP led NDA government has asked the separatists to come forward and break the ice. May be it won't be that easy for the separatist leaders to break the shackles but they should bear in mind that if they miss the bus they would again push Kashmir towards destruction. Separatist leaders have to come out from their shells, muster courage and call spade a spade. Whenever they get a chance they claim that they represent a sentiment. If they really represent the people then it's their duty to ensure the safety of the masses. They cannot keep on looking towards the external forces every time. They have to stand on their feet and take a call. They need to tell the masses that killings cannot continue forever and way out has to be found. It's high time for them to dispel the notion that they cannot take a decision and they just follow what they are told. The flexibility being shown by New Delhi is an ample proof about the fact that people sitting in the national capital are aware about the ground realities and are making an effort to end the uncertainty in Kashmir. Kashmiri leaders should realize that PM Modi has got the mandate and has emerged as one of the most popular Prime Minister India has had in the past. These leaders cannot just sit and wait. They need to grab the opportunity which is knocking at their door. Besides grabbing the chance they have got a bigger role to play they have to make people understand that shutdowns and protests are not taking them anywhere, and being aggressive is no solution. They should sit and introspect. Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Muhammad Yasin Malik laid down arms in mid nineties and announced ceasefire. Since then he has been claiming that JKLF stands for peace and he is heading a peaceful struggle. If he believes that peaceful struggle is the only way to achieve ones goal then why is he not conveying it to the youth who have taken up the guns. The veteran Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani has got a vital role to play. He needs to answer the questions of the youth and come forward to save the generation next. New Delhi has provided a chance to Kashmiri leaders and has offered them a dialogue in a platter. They cannot just close their eyes and turn their backs. They need to open up and at least start a debate rather than asking everyone to remain silent and allowing things to happen. Leaders have to lead from the front and show their people the right path. It's high time for Kashmiri leaders to prove that their people come first and they care for them.