June 2018 News

Ceasefire Was A Drama, Says Lashkar

18 June 2018
The Tribune (Chandigarh)

Srinagar: The Lashkar-e-Toiba militant group has termed the unilateral ceasefire, which ended after a month on Sunday, as a drama and said New Delhi did not follow it up with confidence-building measures. In a statement to a local news agency last evening, the militant group's chief Mahmood Shah described the ceasefire as a 'drama'. 'The unmatched sacrifices of the Hurriyat leadership and public have rendered the vicious motives of India into failures,' he said. The militant commander said the LeT had doubted New Delhi's sincerity as it did not implement confidence-building measures. 'If India was reasonable and honest with the ceasefire, it would have implemented confidence-building measures,' he said. He claimed there was no halt in the 'atrocities' by security forces and the 'arrested Hurriyat leaders and honourable women were not released from unjust captivity'. 'Indian forces opted to mercilessly kill innocents under the guise of ceasefire. Violence was being imposed on pro-freedom individuals and family members of freedom fighters were continuously facing harassment,' the Lashkar commander said. He said there was evidence that 'the occupational Indian forces are never honest in their negotiations'. 'They themselves impose a ceasefire and end it whenever they wish so,' he said.