July 2018 News

Teachers Detained For Encouraging Kids To Emulate Militants In Kashmir's Baramulla

16 July 2018

Srinagar: Imagine school teachers encouraging students to glorify militancy! A video showing school kids in uniform emulating militants during picnic has shocked Kashmir prompting the Jammu and Kashmir police to briefly detain over a dozen teachers for encouraging the kids to glorify terror in North Kashmir's Baramulla district. The video surfaced on the social media a few days back when school kids were seen imitating militants by simulating the same scenes which the ultras use on the social media to romanticize militancy in order to garner support and recruit people. Soon after the video surfaced on the social media, police went into an overdrive to locate the school which allowed kids to simulate gun holding, ambush and other scenes. What made the things more dangerous was the Jihadi songs being played in the background. During the investigation, the police zeroed in on a private middle school in north Kashmir's Baramulla district. Police immediately swung into action and summoned the teachers and the management. Though teachers were not visible in the video, police detained a dozen of them and released only after warning and reprimand. Investigations also revealed that the video was shot on a cell phone when students had gone on a picnic a few days ago. Later the video was posted on the social media which became viral. However, the police are likely to write to the education department seeking de-recognition of the school. 'We are likely to approach the school education department seeking de-recognition of the school. Though this is an isolated incident, it needs to be nipped in the bud', said a police officer. Social media has become a fertile ground for militant propaganda and with kids emulating the militancy, police fears it could help in indoctrinating the young kids. 'We are looking into the video. Action as per rules would be taken', said a government official.