July 2018 News

PhD Scholar Defends Joining Militancy, Says They Feel Dignity In Fighting Indian Forces

17 July 2018
The New Indian Express

Srinagar: Hizbul Mujahideen commander Manan Wani, a PhD scholar who joined the militancy early this year, has defended his joining the militant ranks and said 'the militants don't fight to die but to win and don't feel dignity in death but feel dignity in fighting Indian forces'. Manan in the statement, which was released by Hizb media cell, said decade's long bloody conflict has turned Kashmir into one of most politically mature nations of the world. 'India is slowly but steadily failing in justifying its 'colonial rule' to people of Kashmir. But, we as a nation and community have to evolve and update ourselves of the new military, mental and diplomatic tactics of India as a colonial state,' he said. According to Manan, who belongs to a well-off family from Kupwara and joined Hizb in January this year, the modern era of resistance started after the 2008 agitation. 'Since then methods of resistance have drastically and positively changed. The tactics of suppression also evolved'. Claiming that militants are soldiers, he said, 'We don't fight to die but to win. We don't feel dignity in death but feel dignity in fighting India's military might and when we die while fighting, we do feel dignity in that death'.Alleging India is trying to confuse people of Kashmir by manufacturing narratives to justify their military presence and oppressive measures to contain the populace of J&K, Manan said, 'The new identities and divisions are being created to bifurcate the society and create voids in resistance.' 'Before 2016, mass upsurge was deliberately associated with city and towns and militancy was called the activity of some 'illiterate strayed village boys'. Now protests are being associated with the 'south Kashmir villagers'. A strong campaign is going on in media (both social media and electronic media) against the resistance of Kashmir. Those who fight Indian militancy presence are called fanatics, fundamentalists and terrorists,' he said. Referring to oft-repeated statements that militants are fighting a lost war, Manan said, 'Apologists flaunt the military might of India, its missile technology, and its huge army and comparisons are being made between 200 young boys with AK47 and one million army men with latest weaponry. The latest military history of world, whether US in Vietnam, USSR in Afghanistan or NATO in Afghanistan, teaches us that huge armies and latest weapons do not win the wars. If 200 boys with rusty AK47 have no comparison with Indian army, why does India need a million troops and a budget of billions to fight these militants? Why does Indian army use tanks and even gunship helicopters to fight a couple of untrained young boysm who are already surrounded by thousands of their men? Why do forces have to blow up houses to kill the single man with gun? The answer is that India is already losing the war in Kashmir' 'And as a Muslims we believe that Islam is a complete system for mankind encompassing social, economic and political system, we too wish to be governed by the same, but it has never been implemented forcefully in whatsoever conditions. Our mission is to liberate our land from India and create an environment of peace and justice wherein every thought and ideology will be discussed and debated and people given their right to chose whatever they like,' added Manan. After some of the news portals here carried the write-up of Manan Wani, police started legal proceedings against them.'Legal proceedings under relevant provisions have been initiated by police,' a police spokesman said.