July 2018 News

Jammu And Kashmir Awami Forum Marches To Charar-e-Sharif , Demands Blanket Ban On Alcohol

22 July 2018
Mumbai Mirror

Srinagar: A Jammu and Kashmir civil society organized a march to demand a blanket ban on sale and consumption of alcohol in the state on Sunday. Jammu and Kashmir Awami Forum, which has stayed behind veils for fear of retribution from terrorists, marched to Charar-e-Sharif to against fear of guns culture and stone pelting. Hundreds of people joined the historic march that passed through Barna Pathar, Chalyan, Batpora, Zeepanchal, Dalwan and Pakharpora villages in Budgam. Farooq Ahmad Ganai, chairman,Jammu and Kashmir Awami Forum, said that this is the first kind of march, which aims at waking up the masses, especially the rural citizens, who need to be aware about their rights and duties in a civilized society. He said, 'We want an end to the fear of gun culture in Kashmir Valley. Kashmiris have suffered from many decades now. It is the time to get rid of it. The forum demands an end to the terror form the society and a blanket ban on alcohol, which is against the religious sentiments of the Muslim population, and also other such products,' he said 'Kashmir has becoming a major reason for the deteriorating social setup and values, and we will jointly start to gather a public consensus in this regard and will launch a movement to eradicate this menace from the society,' he said while addressing a gathering. After culmination of the march, Ganai and Chief Spokesperson G N Parvana provided the details of objectives and methods of functioning of forum. Almost every other day, men, women and even children, especially in south Kashmir, scuttle by the terrorists activities. Militancy in the valley of Kashmir has risen to alarming proportions. For decades Kashmir has been a victim of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, the turn of events, especially since 2016, has seen a steady rise in home-bred insurgency, with hundreds of local boys joining militancy ranks. The new generation of terrorists are comprised of radicalised local youth, who are causing more harm to their own society in Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir Awami Forum was the part of the larger group of Kashmiri people who had invited Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shanker ji to address Paigam-e-Mohabbat in Srinagar in mar 2018 in which around twelve Thousands from all walks of life of civil society across valley including ladies in huge numbers had participated as people are sick of violence and mental stage they are passing through for last three decades almost in the valley.