August 2018 News

Hizb Commander In New Message Praises Some, Warns Others

28 August 2018
Kashmir Reader
Raashid Hassan

Srinagar: 'My motive for releasing this message is to make some requests to my nation. First of all, I am grateful to the people of Kashmir, who despite heavy suppression help rebels in the freedom struggle,' said Hizbul Mujahideen's Kashmir commander Riyaz Naikoo in an audio message released on social media on Tuesday. 'On seeing the support of people and their sacrifices for the struggle, the day is not far when these sacrifices will bear fruits,' Naikoo said in the 11-minute audio. He said that there was a time when people fled their houses on seeing the Indian army, but now people confront them with stones and chase them out of their localities. 'We praise the people who are fighting the cruel Indian rule. India has failed on every front. They (India) are preparing different conspiracies to weaken the freedom movement. Indian agencies now come to people disguised as rebels and are carrying out acts to incite hatred towards militants among people,' Naikoo said in his message. 'I am telling you with all surety that we will never commit such kind of acts that are against Islamic principles. We got information from several places that some people were collecting money from people in the name of Hizb. I want to make it clear that we don't collect money from people and neither do we send anyone for collecting money at any place,' Naikoo said. The Hizb commander added that people have been informed earlier as well to not give money to anyone in their name. 'Those who come to you for money are either from Indian agencies trying to defame militants or greedy people for their personal purposes. Your good wishes are enough for us. If any militant is in need of money, he himself will come to you,' Naikoo said. 'On the one hand India is making our people blind, destroying their careers, and on the other hand they are acting as well-wishers by offering sports programmes. This is not kind-heartedness but a conspiracy to take our women folk to un-Islamic activities and another motive is to keep our youngsters away from the freedom movement,' he said. 'We want to inform those parents who send their children for such activities, which have nothing to do with their academic careers, that they are only pushing them towards jobs as army informers. We warn them to stay away from this or they will have to face our wrath,' he said. Naikoo warned of throwing acid on people who wish to contest panchayat elections. 'Those who want to contest panchayat elections, we want to tell them to bring their shrouds while filing election forms. We have bought hydrochloric and sulphuric acid; be ready for that,' Naikoo said. 'Army presence can't stop us from doing what we have to do. Army used to lay ambush outside the home of Shamima Banoo at Drubgam who was involved in informing army about Sameer Tiger's presence, but that ambush did not last for long. Army will tell you that they are with you but they never are,' Naikoo said. He also remarked that suicides in the Indian army were the highest in the world. Warning newspapers against publishing news regarding the 'freedom struggle' in the inside pages while publishing praises of India on the front page, he said, 'When we punish people who are against freedom movement, the newspapers publish the news with more drama in order to make people hate militants. We want to tell these agencies to publish the truth, as their work is to make people aware of the truth. Army is harassing families of militants, civilians, and damaging their property, but media won't publish these items. Why don't you do justice with your job? We know who among media persons is corrupt and for which agencies are doing such things.' Naikoo also asked shopkeepers to place CCTV cameras in such a way as to not hinder activities of militants. 'It becomes a hindrance in the way of militants and their over ground workers. I want to tell them to put their cameras in proper way,' Naikoo said.